by ixu

Ingame technology browser [de, en, ja, zn-CH]

14 hours ago
1.0 - 1.1
3 months ago
Latest Version:
0.3.16 (14 hours ago)
Factorio version:
1.0 - 1.1
14958 times

Provides an ingame technology browser.

It is a simple help system. With H (configurable) you get to an item what it is made of and where it is needed. This works in a lot of different places (unfortunately not in all of them). In the help system you can get more information about the items with one click.
There is also a history.

It is a tribute to the help system of Evospace. I hope factorio players will like it a lot as well.
The remidor panel is inspired by the one from Satisfactory. But I think mine is better.

Unfortunately, the places where you can look up information about an item are not as comprehensive as in the above mentioned game, because factorio does not provide the appropriate mouse events everywhere.

todo: (please feel free to rate)

  • selection from multi-item-entities
  • copy recipe (See no way do this. Help welcome)
  • provide information on recipe-combinations
  • help on modules
  • help on fuel consumption
  • multiplayer
  • involve achievements
  • machine-column for labs
  • Improve recipe-column-layout in case of huge amount of recipes
  • Reminder task helpers for complex recipes. For instance "(recursively) add a task for all ingredients"
  • Reminder tasks for Recipes
  • Reminder tasks for Technologies
  • Several filter options
    => by category
    => by mod
    => by hidden/hidden_from_player_crafting
    => ... (I am open for suggestions)
  • Integrating with some other mods
    => sonaxaton-research-queue
    => ... (I am open for suggestions)
  • ... more suggestions?

known issue:

  • the displayed speed for a worker depends on request (for instance mining or crafting)
  • Large recipe columns are jerky during handcrafts or research completion

Note: This mod is under development. Please be so kind and use the "Discussion" tab to give feedback - especially if you encounter bugs. Many thanks in advance