ick's vanilla tweaks

Upgrade recipes for armor, furnaces etc. Signals with recipe icons that are missing in vanilla. Variated mining results for trees, rocks and fish. Highly configurable.

6 days ago
0.18 - 1.0
4 months ago
Latest Version:
1.0.0 (6 days ago)
Factorio version:
0.18 - 1.0
83 times

Please report any bugs and send me your ideas.
This mod adds the following features. Each one has a setting to disable it.

Upgrade recipes: Recipes to upgrade lower tier items into higher tier ones. The recipes are added in a new tab and can only crafted by the player. The ingredients are as close to the normal recipes as possible, while still being beneficial over just discarding the lower tier items. The following recipes are available:
- Wood chest -> Iron chest
- Iron chest -> Steel chest
- Burner inserter -> Inserter
- Small electric pole -> Medium electric pole
- Medium electric pole -> Big electric pole
- Big electric pole -> Substation
- Burner mining drill -> Electric mining drill
- Stone furnace -> Steel furnace
- Steel furnace -> Electric furnace
- Boiler -> Heat exchanger
- Steam engine -> Steam turbine
- Pistol -> Submachine gun
- Shotgun -> Combat shotgun
- Cannon shell -> Explosive cannon shell
- Uranium cannon shell -> Explosive uranium cannon shell
- Explosive rocket -> Atomic bomb
- Light armor -> Heavy armor
- Heavy armor -> Modular armor
- Modular armor -> Power armor
- Power armor -> Power armor MK2

Oil reordering: Oil and barrel recipes, fluids and solid fuel are reordered to be more consistent.
- New fluid and barrel order: Water, (Steam,) Crude oil, Heavy oil, Light oil, Petroleum gas, Sulfuric acid, Lubricant
- Solid fuel recipes order: From Heavy oil, Light oil, Petroleum gas
- Solid fuel is moved behind Sulfur

Misc reordering: Some items that I feel are in the wrong place in the recipe book:
- Rocket silo is moved behind research lab
- Repair pack is moved in front of robots
- Artillery wagon is moved behind artillery turret

Vehicle technologies: In vanilla the tank has a flamethrower even if you haven't research them yet, same with the submachine gun and the car. The dev's don't consider this a bug. I fixed it anyway:
- Automobilism requires military
- Tank requires flamethrower

Signals: 27 new virtual signals.
- 15 virtual signals for all warning and alert icons.
- 12 virtual signals for recipe icons like rocket part and kovarex

Variated mining results: Results when mining trees, rocks and fish are variable like the huge rock in vanilla.
- Trees: 2 to 4 wood
- Dead trees: 1 to 3 wood
- Big rock: 17 to 23 stone
- Fish: 2 to 8 raw fish