Homeworld Redux

by Silari

Supply resources to your homeworld so that civilization can be restored. Update of Homeworld mod, originally by ljdp

7 days ago
0.15 - 1.1


Version: 0.15.0
    - Initial release for 0.15.0. Lots of changes needed to get it working again.
Version: 0.15.1
    - Infinite loop caused when no homeworld portal is on the default game surface resolved. The reward will be skipped permanently if no portal is found.
Version: 0.16.0
    - Support for Factorio 0.16.
Version: 0.16.1
    - Repopulating the homeworld now actually wins you the game!
    - Resolved a potential MP crash, code from the 0.13 git.
    - Reinstated on_pre_player_mined event.
    - Removed arrow pointing to reward spawn - caused some issues with mod GUIs.
    - Fixed issue not allowing completion of tier 6, thus not spawning the final reward or prompting the victory dialog. 
    - Fixed missed 0.16 tile name change with sand miner.
    - Disabled functions of belt gate and belt throughput reader to prevent crashing. Still buildable but they won't do any special functions at this time. Belt throughput reader will still send items through itself normally.
Version: 0.16.2
    - Added Alien Biomes sandy biomes as potential sand mining locations.
    - Belt gate now works properly.
    - Belt Throughput Reader now works properly.
Version: 0.16.3
    - Added circuit connection to the homeworld portal. Shows what items are currently inside.
    - Added new item Need Tracker. This outputs circuit signals for the amount the homeworld currently needs to last one full day. Note that the portal activates multiple times per day, approx. 6.94 times.
    - Together these items allow for easy automation of providing items to the homeworld.
Version: 0.16.4
    - Attempted to resolve crash arising from not closing the GUI of an entity that was mined. Some Farms may still have an issue.
Version: 0.16.5
    - Fix for terraformer broken tile names due to 0.16 migration.
    - Farms now properly gain proper yield bonuses/negatives from all vanilla tiles. Added support for additional tiles based on tile name (ie. Alien Biomes grass tiles all give the same bonus). Sand, concrete, and stone path tiles all give negative bonuses to growth, don't put your farms near them. Water provides the best, grass types second best.
    - Removed some leftover debugging code.
    - Terraformers+Seeders no longer allow productivity modules (they did nothing anyway)
Version: 0.16.6
    - Portal inventory increase to 49 slots.
    - Last tier population requirement dropped to 2,000,000 from 9,000,000. I was doing this anyway for testing and it still feels pretty long. Anyone beyond 2M pop should immediately hit tier 7.
    - Homeworld GUI now has a dedicated button, removed GUI from PDA item. Opening a portal will still open the GUI.
    - Sand miner description added.
    - Adding mod to pre-existing game should work - all players will get a homeworld portal in their inventory. This may fail if players inventory is full.
Version: 0.16.7
    - Rebalanced rewards somewhat - removed rail-only rewards from tiers 5-6 as they weren't good, tweaked numbers for a lot of them, added an assembler 2 reward to tier 1+2. I'm attempting to lessen the reliance on military-based rewards as they may not be useful to the player. More changes to that incoming.
    - Missed rewards will attempt to respawn whenever the homeworld GUI is opened - either by the GUI button or via opening a homeworld portal. It is NOT guaranteed to spawn at the portal you opened the GUI from.
    - Tech prices changed to be 1:1 for all science packs. They are very slightly more expensive - less than 10 ore extra for the two changed techs.
    - Changed the sawmill so it outputs one raw wood into each of it's five output slots, instead of 5 only in the first slot. This allows it to store 500 wood, instead of 100. Inserters will pick up from multiple slots without issue, up to their stack size.
    - Changed Homeworld GUI slightly - buttons are now the new sprite-button, which resolves an issue with the crude-oil barrel using the empty barrel icon.
    - Removed barrel changes by mod. Stack sizes are back down to 10 for now, and the custom water barrel has been removed. The latter shouldn't effect anything in-game.
    - Changes to the fishery that should resolve desync issues. This might in some cases result in fisheries resetting their available fish count.
    - Seeder no longer allows Speed or Prod modules, as they do not effect the actual production. Terraformer no longer has module slots, as modules do not work properly at all in the terraformer.
    - Launching a satellite no longer prompts the win dialog. Winning only comes from advancing past tier 6.
Version: 0.16.8
    - Fixed an error from some code not being commented out.
Version: 0.16.9
    - Changed backend code on how rewards are stored to allow for easier modification.
    - Military rewards are no longer given out when the default game surface has enemy base size set to none.
    - Sand resource no longer generates on every sand tile, instead being more clustered. An order string of "z" was also added, so most ores should be placed over it, rather than it covering almost any other ore.
    - Internally, the sand resource was given it's own autoplace control, separate from the internal 'sand' terrain control, which has been placed in the Resource category. This resource is called "Glass sands", as that is it's only use.
    - Crude oil barrel needs have been reduced by half. Hopefully this is temporary until I make a new item, but as is you need to basically completely fill a portal with oil barrels for tier 4, and almost as much for tier 3.
Version: 0.16.10
    - Removed unused Wine Barrel item.
    - Resolved an issue with missing recipes when the mod is added mid-game.
Version: 0.17.10
    - Just a quick push to 0.17. Really didn't take much, one gui style to update and renaming a bunch of science packs (and wood). Let me know if anything bad happens - I should've renamed all the old ones but I might've missed one somewhere.
Version: 0.18.10
    - Since the 0.17 update went so well, went ahead and did this. I think the Belt Gate got changed to deep copy the lamp, instead of being a copy/paste of the prototype as it had been since 0.14. Should be fine, didn't see any issues.
Version: 0.18.11
    - Small change to the sand resource to avoid an issue with Space Exploration. Users shouldn't see any changes at all.
Version: 0.18.12
    - Added change log and preview image to mod.
Version: 1.0.0
    - Changed how the Homeworld portal is added in Freeplay due to the starting cut scene causing the old method to fail. The portal can now be found in the crashed ship.
    - Fixed some minor issues with items using vanilla graphics not being the set to the correct size.
Version: 1.1.0
    - Release for Factorio 1.1.
    - Fixed an issue with Farms, Fisheries, and potentially Portals that would crash Factorio when opening a different entity without closing the previous one first.
Version: 1.1.1
    - Sand and glass items are no longer added if another mod has added them first. To facilitate this a hidden dependency on Space Exploration and AAI Industries has been added.
Version: 1.1.2
    - Certain buildings which operate on a radius around themselves now provide a visual indication of said radius, similar to mining drills. 
      - Fishery radius is the range in which a second fishery will interfere with production.
      - Farm radius is the range it searches tiles to determine the growth bonus.
      - Sawmill radius is the range it will seek out trees to cut down for processing. Any tree with a collision box in that range is a valid target.
      - Seeder radius is the distance it will search for a valid spot to plant a tree.
      - Terraformer radius is an APROXIMATION of how far it'll change tiles. The top and right edge are only partially terraformed sometimes due to how radius checking works. As it'd need a rewrite of the radius mechanism to be corrected, full fix may come later.
    - The values above are hardcoded instead of taking from the config file due to how it was written. Hopefully in the future I can find time to transform the config file into actual settings, and maybe have them be user-adjustable.
    - Fixed the icon for Trees used by the sawmill, was using old 32p size.
    - Added missing Distillery description.
Version: 1.1.3
    - Removed old code related to GUI functionality that was causing an error if players were removed from the game.
Version: 1.1.4
    - Fixed a check for ghost_name without first checking entity is a ghost.
Version: 1.1.5
    - Added a 10% lab productivity boost to the player force for each completed tier, up to tier 7, for a total of 60% for completing all tiers. The mod will attempt to ensure the player forces' bonus is set properly whenever the GUI is opened. This may not play well with other mods that provide a lab productivity bonus, or for mods/scenarios which have players on a force other than the default player force.
    - Fixed tier 7 reward being missed permanently if it failed to spawn. Now it can be retried by opening the HW GUI, same as the other tiers.