Gas generator

by ElAdamo
It burns.
4 months ago
Owner: ElAdamo
Source: N/A
License: The Unlicense (Public Domain)
Created: 4 months ago
Latest Version: 0.0.1 (4 months ago)
Factorio version: 0.17
Downloaded: 852 times

The gas generator will burn any fluid with a fuel_value to make electricity, without the need for water, but at 80% efficiency relative to using a boiler. I am releasing this mod because I think the graphic and concept from KS Power is good, but I thought that the generator should be its own mod, using the fluids we already have, rather than going through the step of creating diesel. Mad props to YuokiTani and Klonan for their graphical work. I hope you guys enjoy! Their graphical work is under the MIT license; my code is unlicensed.

Don't let the 40% efficiency seen in the tool-tip scare you: the efficiency is 80%. 40% is shown due to a further reduction from my physics mod, but that mod makes up for the lost efficiency by increasing fuel values.

I've included a setting to make vanilla petroleum fluids burnable, which is off by default. The generator will not burn steam, as steam's energy is based on temperature, not fuel_value. Check out my carbon mod for more stuff to burn, and my gas-fired boiler for another way to burn fluids.