Fundamental Physics - 基础物理学

Adds fundamental physical research that add lab productivity bonus. 添加了基础物理学的相关研究,可增加研究产能.

4 years ago
0.16 - 0.16.30
4 years ago
Latest Version:
0.3.0 (4 years ago)
Factorio version:
0.16 - 0.16.30
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This mod adds several researches and new production(research?) line related to the field of physics that provide research productivity bonus. The deeper you go in fundamental physics, the higher your research production will get.

This mod is designed to offer end-game experiments. It offer 3 infinite research that both bonus the research productivity. But they will consume you a lot of time and energy to reach a high level.
I strongly suggest you place this mod with bob's suite as they offer several high tier materials and buildings. Angel's suite and MadClown's science is also suggested. This mod also support vanilla Factorio, but i believe that would be less fun.

This mod contains following features:

  1. Classical Physics - 经典物理学
    A basic research which is now the prerequisite of most technologies. Only need 5 science pack 1.

  2. Spectral Analysis - 光谱分析
    Consumes ores to generate corresponding element spectrogram. Analysis spectrogram to write(get) several tiers of research report. Research(use) reports at Fundamental Physics Research Center to upgrade Spectral Analysis technology to gain research productivity bonus.

  3. Standard Model - 标准模型
    Start particle collision experiments at your powerful accelerators to find the proves of fundamental particles that predicted in the standard model. Higher energy level collision will generate rarer particles, which can transform to more higher tier research report. Also, take reports at research center to upgrade Standard Model to get bonus.
    Note 1: Collusion Cases need to be analysed in Particle Physics Analysis Center.
    Note 2: Gev Collisions are only avaialbe on accelerator MK3 & MK4.

  4. Deep Space Accelerator - 深空粒子加速器
    Launch those expensive accelerators who is specially designed for deep space particle collision to get the highest tier research report -- as only the expanse can offer us place to assemble largest-ever accelerator network. The more deep space accelerator you have sent into space, the more reward you will get in next launch. With 10,100,1000 or even more deep space accelerators launched, we can construct larger accelerator network to double the data feedback each launch.

  5. Superstring theory - 超弦理论
    One of the most frontier theory that might guide us to the ultimate rule of our universe. Research it with all 7 tier research reports to gain infinite bonus.

[Bug reports]
This mod is still under development as values are not balanced well. So I'll be very glad if you post any issue, bug, idea, typo, or setting that doesn't correspsonde well to real physics on my github page ;)

Thanks for MadClown for his cool buildings! Also strongly suggest his

[Change Log]
Add recipes to transform reports.
Add Deep space accelerator GUI.
Minor bug fix.
1. Add spectral analysis
2. Finish deep space accelerator sections
3. Adjust recipe result ratios
Initial release.