fuel and rocket stacksize multiplier

allows user to configure the multiplication factor of the fuel and rocket part stack size, categorised by their default stack size. external mods will be supported.

2 months ago
0.17 - 0.18


Q1: will you fix your syntax explicitly shown on the thumbnail?
A1: yes, i will, but i have too much to do outside Factorio.

Q2: will you support 0.18?
A2: i am primarily for the stable version at the moment, i am sorry.

Q3: Will you add support other mods on this?
Q3: i am not sure if i can, but i will try for it.

Q4: why do you make this?
A4: i am not convinced that nuclear fuel is not stackable, but seemed no mods here in 0.17 to let me customise using the GUI.