fuel and rocket stacksize multiplier

allows user to configure the multiplication factor of the fuel and rocket part stack size, categorised by their default stack size. external mods will be supported.

2 months ago
0.17 - 0.18


version 0.1.1 - Date: 2020.3.11

update: added support for specialized fuels


version 0.1.2 - Date: 2020.3.11

trying to fix the issue of 0.1.1 - which was unable to use Specialized Fuels due to the lack of "data-final-fixes" - i used "data" on 0.1.1.
if used with the mod above, then the base stack size of nuclear fuel is 10.


version 0.1.3 - Date: 2020.3.13

attempting to go for version 0.18

version 0.1.4 - Date: 2020.4.2

attempted to allow tweaking science packs in Space Exploration, because i have found that noxys won't multiply that matter.
version 0.1.5 - Date: 2020.4.27

added support for cargo rocket sections, its parts, as rocket part.