Fire Place

Have a nice evening at a warm campfire

3 months ago

i [done] Additional Features if possible

10 months ago

to merge with this mod and be able to Cook the fish in the fire place. also for balancing purposes. IF simple wood or seeds used as fuel it won't make pollution only higher grade fuel does and increase brightness for pollution fuel. mid-game would still have it's use for a wood disposal conveyor.

4 months ago

In version 2.0.0 I added support for cooking, which means, the fire place can do recipes, which are part of the cooking category.
I added no cooking content, since i don't see fit in this mod. Everyone is welcome to write a new Mod which can depend on mine.

4 months ago

Thanks, very nice! :-)

3 months ago

requested by @asher_sky, i've implemented some of these features in my modpack at

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