SUPERSONIC High Speed Train& fast large wagon Mod

adds a high-speed and extra fast train & large wagons to Factorio for travel purposes and fast high quantity transport
6 months ago
0.16 - 0.17


fuel bugs

   updated to .17
v20  bugs & productivity modules

  -added changelog
  -graphics fixes for mk1
  -removed pipes from fluid wadons to reduce incredient cont so assemblers 2 can make them 
  - py raw ores support and some conversion recipes 
  -reduced stack size for giga fule mk2-3 to 10  1

016 fuel icon update and the addition of the giga_fuel_mk3
015 bug fix and added giga_fuel-mk2
014 added some migrated fuels form different mods + made mk3 at 30mw
013 added x2 and x4 wagons
009 small fix and 21mb smaller
007 MK2 added
006 hd done right
005 hd color to be aided later
003 fixed graphics