Factorissimo - Seablock

by Saienai

Slight modifications to make a better factorissimo - seablock experience. Meant to be played as the provided scenario, not standalone

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1.1.4 (1 year, 7 months ago)
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A compatibility and scenario mod necessary in order to play seablock-factorissimo. In the scenario you start on a small non-expandable island with 2 (or 1 in hard mode) factorissimo buildings inside of which your entire factory will be built.
As a bit of recommendation: push for slag processing in the beginning to set up proper ore production, then towards metallurgy 1 for some much needed boost in iron plates before finally researching archetecture 1 (factorissimo buildings).

NOTE: All the minimum mod requirements are included (seablock meta-pack and factorissimo) and should be installed automatically with this mod.
In order to start playing just install the mod and start a new game as one of the two included scenarios.

- Makes landfill unobtainable (you dont need it anyway)
- Removes high tier substations (you also dont need them)
- Starting map is a 32x32 area, so you are forced to build inside the factorissimo buildings.
- Start with full factorissimo recursion already unlocked - you can place any factorissimo building inside any other factorissimo building.

- Default (Factorissimo - Seablock / Basic): you start with 2 buildings already placed (helpfully labeled as factory and power) and 2 more buildings in the starting chest. This gives you an effective area of 4k blocks, which is similar to standard seablock. Keep in mind that expanding on that necessitates researching the first tier of factorissimo buildings instead of building landfill.
- Masochist (Factorissimo - Seablock / HARD): you start with a single building placed and no more in the starting chest. This... isnt recommended as even just placing all your starting wind turbines will take up the full size of the starting building. Still, if you wish to suffer for the first 10 or so hours before you research and craft your first few factorissimo buildings... thats your choice. Once you get past the start its pretty much the same though.

- Please use the 1.1.3 version of the mod - 1.1.2 version features broken scenarios and can cause crashes. If you have a game from 1.1.2 you wish to keep you will need to open up the factorissimoblock_1.1.3.zip, go into scenarios/<<whichever scenario you started>> and copy the custom.lua file into your save file (unzip the the save and replace the custom.lua with the new one before zipping everything back up again). As always I would recommend creating a copy of the save file prior to editing it.