Factories in Tight Spaces

Start on a small island that can only be expanded by research. Infinite ore patches can be placed by hand and removed by the OreEraser tool.

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0.1.17 (2 months ago)
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Factories in Tight Spaces (FITS)

Start on a small island that can only be expanded by research and build a factory from freely place-able infinite ore patches.
Compatible with base Factorio, Krastorio 2, AngelBob's, Darkstar Utilities, Nullius, Pyanodon's, Py's + Py's Alien Life, and BZ's.

FITS is a Seablock style mod with two major changes:
- Your factory uses the same amount of space for mining ores through place-able infinite ore patches.
- The only way to get landfill is to do research and progress through the tech tree.

These changes make FITS factories all about getting your factory to run on your island and discourages building a landfill factory and waiting to solve the space constraint.



I didn't spawn on an island!
- Make sure you select "Tight Spaces Island" as the map generation option. It should auto-select on map creation.

I placed ore I didn't want to what do I do?
- Use the OreEraser tool to erase ore patches and open up the space for new patches. Drills and pumps will need to be picked up and put back down to detect new ores.

I can't increase the tile size for placing the infinite ores!
- The infinite ores in your inventory aren't actually tiles in the game engine, so you have to manually place them. This also means they aren't blueprintable or bot place-able.

Mod settings

How does the landfill research work with multiplayer?
- In the mod settings there are 3 options to choose from:

1. All to main player (default): All of the landfill will go to the player who logged into the server first this session.
2. Divided to all logged in players: Splits the landfill among everyone who's logged into the server.
3. Replicate to all logged in players: Every player logged into the server gets the full amount of landfill.

Can I change the amount of landfill per research?
- Yes! You can set the "Landfill multiplier" in the mod settings to give yourself more (or less) landfill per research. For mod packs that encourage huge bases (like Py's) you may want to turn up this setting.


Where's the wood?
- In base Factorio wood can be hand-crafted or automatically gathered in assemblers.
- In Krastorio 2 and AngelBob's wood can be hand-crafted for early game use and automated through each mod's recipes.

How do I get creep for Krastorio?
- The bio-labs can also be created with Navius's sand.

How do I get Angel's Bio bootstrapped?
- Farming 2 has been changed to allow you to randomly pollinate gardens from Navius's winds which you can then turn into seeds and alien life samples.
- Wild puffers can be attracted to your puffer refugiums with food and may leave some puffer eggs.

How do I get sap in Py's Alien Life?
- A recipe has been added to press sap from logs. 20 logs for 1 sap is roughly the same rate as cutting down trees for sap.

How do I get moss in Py's Alien Life?
- A recipe has been added to sort through stone by hand to look for moss.

Mod Compatibility

Can you add support for other modpacks?
- Support can be added for independent modpacks relatively easily, adding new infinite resources and science packs is straightforward. Leave me a comment in the discussion threads and I'll take a look.
- Support for combinations of modpacks is straightforward unless it removes ores/sciences from other mods or the base game, like with Angel's Refining.