Extra Biter Control

Gives extra control to tweak biter spawning, quantity and movement beyond standard map settings
2 months ago


	- Added: A worm call for help radius option to compliment the spawner call for help radius option.
	- Code: changed startup settings to be applied in data-fixes to try and overwrite other mods settings when this mods settings are populated. Will still be down to alphabetical mod order in some cases however.
	- Code: Tidy up new game and game loaded code.

	- Added: Settings for max_gathering_unit_groups and max_unit_group_size.
	- Fixed: Multiplayer compatibility.
	- Changed: Clarified mod settings text and the main mod's readme/description text to enhance clarity.
	- Changed: Mod reacts to setting changed events rather than rely on polling where possible. Evolution control still applies on a poll.

	- Initial Release