Drills of Drills

by Braxbro

Adds new, larger variants of drills that are equivalent to multiple of their smaller counterparts.

4 months ago
6 months ago
Latest Version:
1.0.10 (4 months ago)
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Drills of Drills

Have you ever wanted the throughput and coverage of many mining drills with the set-and-forget convenience of a single drill? Drills of Drills have you covered. Simply craft a perfect square of mining drills into a Drill of Drills!

Drills of Drills have the combined mining speed, mining area, size, power usage, and all other notable stats of a square of their smaller counterparts. However, combining drills together has its benefits. Modules can only integrate into a single system without the assistive systems of a beacon... but by combining multiple drills into one, Drills of Drills can apply a single module's effects over a wider system. Furthermore, it's easier to amplify Drills of Drills with beacons due to their larger footprint.

These benefits do come at a cost, though. The gargantuan size of Drills of Drills makes running them at high speeds (higher than 60 products or 60 bonus products per second) quite dangerous and prone to jamming or ejecting high-speed objects; in order to protect the drill and surrounding equipment, Drills of Drills will shut down at these high speeds. Worry not, however, because they will automatically reactivate after you remove the speed or productivity boost. And if you can't remove a problematic productivity boost, you can always disassemble Drills of Drills into their component drills and either recombine them into a smaller Drill of Drills or use the component drills without any loss.

Mod Compatibility

Drills of Drills should be compatible out-of-the-box with most mods. Just install the mod alongside your favorites, load the game, and you're ready to go!

However, some drills might not be able to be turned into Drills of Drills; if a Drill of Drills would always be disabled due to the safety features, it cannot be created. An example of such a drill would be the Omega Drill.


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If you join any of those servers, you may DM me at Braxbro#5536. Please do not bother any of the staff of the above servers with issues with my mods. I, and only I, maintain my mods at the moment. Others will not be able to help you.

I also occasionally check the mod's discussion page or github.


I don't currently take donations, and possibly never will, for the work I do as a mod developer. If you want to thank me with your money, please donate it to charity instead; if you wish to donate particularly to charities I'd be interested in, or are truly hellbent on giving me money, feel free to DM me on Discord as explained above.