Resource Monitor

by devdot

Monitor mining sites and track resources across planets/surfaces.

7 days ago
14 days ago
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1.1.0 (7 days ago)
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Monitor mining sites and track resources across planets/surfaces.

Main Features

  • Automatically scan the world for mining sites as you explore it (configurable).
  • Add map tags for each site (configurable).
  • Keep track of sites and their remaining amounts, percentages and estimated depletion. Configure which sites are tracked through the resource monitor menu.
  • Overview of all scanned sites with filters and sorting.
  • Dashboard (top left corner) with sites, filtered and sorted.
  • Overview for each surface with available resources.
  • Compatible with modded resources (like Space Exploration).
  • Adjustable for high UPS performance (use mod settings and selective tracking).

Why this resource monitor?

I have used other popular monitoring tools, but found them lacking in two ways: They required manual interaction to create sites and they could not handle multiple surfaces in a way that made sense to me. This mod was created to be compatible with Space Exploration and with the Space Age expansion in mind.

How can I use this in an existing game?

Open the resource monitor menu, navigate to the Surfaces tab. For each surface:

  1. Scan it (may slow down the game, depending on surface size).
  2. If you have track new sites disabled (mod settings), then click the track miners button.


I have not tested the mod in multiplayer yet, please report any experiences to me. The GUI settings are implemented to be independent for each user, however multiple player forces might break this mod.

Compatible Modpacks

This mod automatically detects resources that are added by any mods. However, they may need some tweaking to show up as expected. Currently, the mod is tested to work as expected with these packs: Space Exploration, Krastorio 2, Nullius, IR3, Pyanodons, Bob's Ores, Angel's Refining/Infinite, Cargo Ships, Mining Drones, Scrap Resource