Don't build on ores

You can't build the factory on ores, you are need to remove it before. Compatible with all mods, works in multiplayer and costs no extra UPS. (added 'resource-layer' collision mask to some buildings).

1 year, 8 months ago
0.17 - 1.1

g Wonderful mod, just what I want!

3 years ago

Wish I had known this sooner… how did I miss it?! ("Too many" mods, 's why)

Anyway, one small but after some (shallow-ish) investigation apparently (and sadly) unsolvable problem (for me, anyway) is that it appears you cannot make rails unbuildable on resources.

Which is something I'd like. :-(

I am thinking of a run with big miners (the bucket wheel excavators mod), but limited so they only mine what they cover, and only miners (no belts, no poles, nothing) allowed on ores. I can of course try to just obey these restrictions, but mod help is of course very welcome :D

3 years ago

I can add some "hardcore" option, see the code in the data-final-fixes.lua
What types of entities must be allowed? Biters? Vehicles? Walls?

The mod makes it automatically, so the disallow list:

local mustbemasked =
-- "transport-belt",
-- "mining-drill",
-- "inserter",
-- "pipe",
-- "offshore-pump",
-- "electric-pole",
-- "lamp",
-- "pipe-to-ground",
-- "splitter",
-- "underground-belt",
-- "loader",
-- "player-port",
"land-mine", -- for Klonan's Teleporter
-- "logistic-robot",
-- "construction-robot",

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