Deadlock's Crating and Stacking for Bob's mods

Adds recipes for stacking & crating ores, plates and intermediates from Bob's, Angel's, UP, Clown's, and other mods

10 months ago
0.16 - 0.18


Q: Can you add items from (some mod)?

A: I can. But as the chances of me actually using the mod in question are pretty slim, I'd like your help in doing so.
First, I'd need a list of the internal item names you want to stack. You can get this if you use the in game debug mode (F5 by default) and enable debug info in tooltips (F4, tab debug, check the box), which will now show you the internal names when you hover over items.

When you post the list, together with the internal name if the mod (name of zip file, for example), as well as a tech level (1-3) for the stacking and crating techs you feel most appropriate for each item to add them in, I can add support. Then you just have to test it and tell me if everything works :).

Q: What items will be stackable once I use this?

A: This mod supports a variety of items from various mods, some added by me, some requested by users, some lifted from other mods, particularly this one:
by Xagros. If you are using other mods from his More Bobs suite, it might make sense to use that one over this one (you will lose ingot stacking, for example, but gain stacking for other random items that I didn't include here).

Looking at the list of optional dependencies will always give a you a current overview of the mods that have at least one item in the game that this makes stackable.

Q: Why do I get warnings about icons in the game logs?

A: This mod doesn't include stacked icons for all items, which makes the stacking mod use overlaying to create them on the fly, which may (I haven't tested the impact on 0.17) slow down rendering some if many of them are on the screen and you don't have a dedicated graphics card. It's tricky to add pre-rendered stacked icons due to the various licenses of the mods adding the items, often created without mods like this on in mind, and the potential for these icons to become stale when they update in the source mod. If someone wants to measure the impact, please let me know. If you want to provide pre-rendered icons, I'm happy to include them. For crating, this doesn't matter. More Bobs stacking tries a lot harder to add the correct icons depending on what mods you use, but it's a significant amount of code and maintenance to stay on top of this, so for the time being, I didn't include it.