Deadlock's Crating Machine Integrations for Bob's mods

by Pawz
Adjusts the crating machine recipes to match Bob's Mods recipes, and adds higher tier crating machines. Requires Deadlock's Crating and Stacking for Bob's and Angel's mods.
2 months ago


Version 0.0.4
    - Corrected tinting of the entity to correctly show the colour when placed
Version 0.0.3
    - Corrected something so minor didn't even write it here
Version 0.0.2
    - Changed method of creating the new tiers to better reflect changes in the base Crating Mods
    - Updated code to gracefully handle situations where you aren't using Bob's Logistics but you want faster crating machines anyways
Version 0.0.1
    - Updates recipes to be better balanced with Bobs Mods
    - Adds 2 new tiers to match Bob's logistics