Custom Marathon

by Syrcan

Reworks the way marathon is being done by allowing several custom configurations. Be sure to check mod settings before diving in.

1 year, 4 months ago
The Unlicense (Public Domain)
1 year, 4 months ago
Latest Version:
0.17.3 (1 year, 4 months ago)
Factorio version:
316 times


Custom Marathon modifies the recipes only in expensive (marathon) settings. It uses rules to rebalance the game dynamically. As the name suggests it is very customizable, with a lot of different setups by changing constants.


All settings can be turned on and off. For settings having multipliers, the range is wide.
For the exact mod settings name, refer to the screenshot above.

Setting Detail Application
Ingredients Cost multiplier for predefined items (including but not limited to: iron, copper, steel plates) as ingredients in all the recipes. These ingredients are intermediates. Overall using this option will change the cost of everything.
Circuits Cost multiplier for circuits as ingredients. It will have a cascading effect with regular ingredients. Pretty much recommended to use only with Bob's Electronics as his chips are much less expensive.
Placeables Automatically detects recipes giving out machines and such, and multiply its cost by the constant. Note that it has an in-built function to prevent cascading effects (example: assembler 2 will not require more assembler 1). The main feature of the mod, meaning to provide a slower and meaningful expansion and increasing the value of building optimal factories.
Tiers Exponential multiplier for higher tier items. Automatically detects the tiers. Designed to scale up the production in mid/late game for the mall.
Doubling Works for relatively cheap items such as belt, inserters but also modules. Twice as many items of the same type will be required for the next tier (example: 2 yellow belts for 1 red belt). An option to force some upgrades to be more costly.
Crafting time Multiplier that applies to machines, equipment. Another option to go along with the expensive machines.
Duplicate items Runs through a script to detect all non-intermediate items that are used in science and make copies of them. Adds alternate non-expensive recipes using these dummy items. Allows you to run expensive machines while keeping regular costs for science. Excellent combination to have a slow progression while saving the satisfaction of producing full belts of science packs with the same factory size for megabases!

The affected prototypes are in listed in basic.lua, and the items for ingredients are in mod-support.lua, both in the lists folder. You are free to modify these files (or modify them in your mod in data-updates.lua) to add your own mod support, if you wish Custom Marathon to affect a different list of prototypes and ingredients.


If you wish for Custom Marathon to also include a customizable tech cost overhaul based on tiers, let me know. Otherwise you have the option of using Omniscience made by EmperorZelos.
This mod was inspired by Omnimarathon, but was created to be more lenient and consistent with its rules.

For bugs and suggestions, you can contact me on discord Syrcan#2532