Circuits and Semiconductors

fairly realistic silicon manufacturing and engineering

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2 years ago
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Have you ever wondered how we manage to make processors out of pure copper?
Do you enjoy mods like "dirty mining"? where you can put in extra effort and get more for your resources?
Are you looking for a challenge in balancing circuit production?

this mod may be for you!
welcome to Circuits and Semiconductors (CAS)

Circuits and Semiconductors provides a new way to produce electrical components based on real life silicon manufacturing.

should be compatible with nearly everything
can be dropped in to an existing save without breaking anything (check [AAI industry] though)

current features:
- silicon processing with silicon creation from stone
- engineering process to improve output
- Die shrink and Yield improvement research to improve output
- offset copper in final production with other resources, less copper is needed. other resources needed instead
- at the most productive state, with all research. spend roughly 1/2 - 1/3 the resources needed for vanilla with full Productivity
- new science type for the sole purpose of engineering better wafers, when research is through, wafer science can be used to supplement utility science packs
- Cleanroom facility for wafer operations

mod balance is focused on input for output,
vanilla can use Productivity, but requires comparatively little production overhead
with CAS you can improve your output with researches, and trades processing time + power consumption, for low resource per chip cost

vanilla circuit processing is required;
it acts as a balancing mechanism to balance production
at the low end, CAS may only be sufficient to supplement your existing processes, and will likely be more expensive than vanilla
at the higher end your existing processes will only serve as a balancing mechanism, but CAS will be vastly cheaper to produce
its expensive to get into semiconductors after all!

- better graphics
- glow for cleanroom as the working animation
- separate or differentiated graphics for the lithography Station
- pipe fittings?
- SE specific compatibility
- K2?
- specific mod compatibility for P / N doping materials
- specific mod compatibility for mod fluids (acids, plasmas)
- additional semiconductor types (other than silicon)

if you wish to submit new locales, translations, or anything else. leave a discussion, or hit me up on the Factorio discord (same name as my Factorio name)