by brevven

Adds tungsten ore (wolframite), tungsten plates, tungsten carbide and rocket engine nozzles to the base game. Available after green science, tungsten and the various intermediates are used throughout the vanilla game. Compatible with RSO, Space Exploration and Krastorio 2, and several other mods. Part of BZ Mods.

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What is "BZ"?

BZ is two letters that were unique enough on the Factorio mod portal to not collide with other mod collections. You can pronounce it B's, as in Brevven's, or BEE-ZEE. Yes, the Very BZ mod pack's name is a bit of a groan-inducing pun. To learn more about the full collection of mods, see the forum thread.

What are the smelting ratios in the vanilla game?

  • 16 stone furnaces fully smelts a yellow belt of wolframite into half a yellow belt of tungsten plates
  • 64 stone furnaces fully smelts a yellow belt of tungsten plates into 40% of a yellow belt of tungsten carbide.

Why wolframite instead of tungsten ore?

Wolfram is historically an alternative name for Tungsten. So, unlike rutile for titanium or galena for lead, the hope is that more people will recognize and associate the mineral wolframite with tungsten.

Why can't electric furnaces make tungsten carbide in vanilla?

Vanilla furnaces can only take in one ingredient, so requiring a burner furnace means it uses some form of carbon alongside tungsten. (Nuclear fueled furnaces notwithstanding). There's an optional (default off) "Advanced carbon furnace", if you plan to build a megabase and steel furnaces are too hard on your UPS.

Does Tungsten spawn in the starting area?

  • In vanilla, no, you'll have to venture out in time to make armor piercing rounds. (There is now a setting to enable it if you prefer)
  • If Krastorio 2 is enabled, yes, because it requires mineral water which requires exploration anyways.
  • If RSO is enabled, yes, because it can be harder than vanilla to find away from the starting area, and it's required for armor piercing rounds.

A stacked recipe isn't showing up from Deadlock Stacked Recipes.

Use this bridge mod

I wish a recipe was not changed.

There is now a "Bypass recipes" setting. You can decide which recipes you want this (or each) mod to bypass modifications for. It requires a comma-separated list of internal recipe names. Eg.:

transport-belt, underground-belt

You must use the "internal" recipe-name. If you're not sure how to find it, the easiest way is to use debug mode (F5) and mouse over the recipe in your handcrafting window. Find the recipe-name in the debug properties.

Detailed list of changes (incomplete)


  • Lamp (Tungsten added)
  • Rail signals & Chain signals use lamps
  • Piercing rounds magazine (Tungsten replaces copper)
  • Piercing shotgun shell (Tungsten replaces copper)
  • Cannon shell (Tungsten replaces copper)
  • Engine unit (Tungsten added)
  • Assembling Machine 2 & 3 (Tungsten carbide added)
  • Electric Furnace (Tungsten plate and tungsten carbide added)
  • Chemical plant (Tungsten plate and tungsten carbide added)
  • Oil refinery (Tungsten added)
  • Heat exchanger, Nuclear Reactor (Tungsten added)
  • Flamethrower turret (Tungsten added)
  • Rockets, rocket parts, artillery, satellite, and atomic bomb (Rocket engine nozzle added)

Krastorio 2

  • Energy control unit (Tungsten added)
  • Fusion reactor (Tungsten added)
  • Railgun shell (Tungsten added)
  • All piercing magazines (Tungsten replaces steel)
  • Heavy Rocket, Explosive Turret Rocket (Tungsten added)
  • Electric mining drill Mk2 (Tungsten carbide added)
  • Quarry drill (Tungsten carbide added)
  • Advanced chemical plant (Tungsten carbide added)

Space Exploration

  • Heat shielding (Tungsten added to both recipes)
  • Thermal radiator (Tungsten added)
  • Delivery cannon weapon capsule (Tungsten added)
  • Tungsten added to data: electromagnetic field, hot thermodynamics, particle beam shielding
  • Cargo rocket section, spaceship rocket engine, rocket science pack (Rocket engine nozzle added)
  • Space assembling machine, Mechanical facility, Recycling facility (Tungsten carbide added)
  • Core mining drill, area mining drill (Tungsten carbide added)