by brevven

Adds tin, solder and more to the base game. Compatible with Krastorio 2 and Space Exploration. A standalone piece of BZ Mods.

5 days ago


What is "BZ"?

BZ is two letters that were unique enough on the Factorio mod portal to not collide with other mod collections. You can pronounce it B's, as in Brevven's, or BEE-ZEE. Yes, the Very BZ mod pack's name is a bit of a groan-inducing pun. To learn more about the full collection of mods, see the forum thread.

Why is there X in this recipe?


  • Many types of electronics
  • Many types of pipe connections (but not basic "straight" pipes)


  • Plastics
  • Poisonous things

Tin plate:

  • Glassmaking (with percentage returned)

Tinned cable:

  • Combinators
  • Various things that use copper cables in more wear-prone settings


  • For springs (eg. fast inserter)
  • For bushings, bearings, etc (pumps, electric motors)

Why not casserite, etc?

Basically, I'm trying to match the level of realism to the vanilla factorio level, with just a nudge towards more realistic.

A stacked recipe isn't showing up from Deadlock Stacked Recipes.

Use this bridge mod

I wish a recipe was not changed.

There is now a "Bypass recipes" setting. You can decide which recipes you want this (or each) mod to bypass modifications for. It requires a comma-separated list of internal recipe names. Eg.:

transport-belt, underground-belt

You must use the "internal" recipe-name. If you're not sure how to find it, the easiest way is to use debug mode (F5) and mouse over the recipe in your handcrafting window. Find the recipe-name in the debug properties.

Detailed list of changes (incomplete)


  • Pipe-to-ground (solder)
  • Electronic circuits (solder)
  • Advanced circuits (solder)
  • Plastic (organotins)
  • Combinators (tinned cable, optional)
  • Pumpjacks (tinned cable, optional)

Krastorio 2

  • Glass (tin)
  • Some buildings (solder, tinned-cable)

Space Exploration & AAI

  • Some buildings (solder)
  • Various science data
  • Some lategame recipes