Graphite & Diamonds

by brevven

Adds elemental carbon items to the game, including graphite, diamonds, graphene, and optionally fullerenes, nanotubes, etc. Compatible with Krastorio 2, Space Exploration, and more. A standalone piece of BZ Mods

6 days ago

g Fail to load mods bzcarbon

2 months ago

I get error
"Failed to load mods: Error while loading recipe prototype "imersium-plate-nanotubes" (recipe): Key "icon" not found in property tree at root.recipe.imersium-place-nanotubes.icons[0]
Modifications Graphite & Diamonds
Mods to be disabled: bzcarbon (0.15)

I have all the dependencies installed.

2 months ago

i think its an incompatibility i am searching which mod is.

2 months ago

If you have a modlist you can send me on the forums I can take a look too. (same name on forums)

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