Exchange advanced goods for basic ores and materials.

6 years ago
6 years ago
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0.6.2 (6 years ago)
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Reincarnation of old but good mod by Xecutor

With this mod central bus concept is a little more viable :)
Also, this mod makes 'mostly robots' factories designs MUCH more efficient.

Latest scientific researches discovered that if you put some goods into strong enough box made of steel and plastic,
and jump a bit to fit a little more, then result can be transported on transport belts, placed into boxes and in general behaves like an item! However only basic items can be boxed. More complex and as a result more sensitive goods are breaking on jumping phase.

Update: After endless thinking, jumping and experimentation with sole, boxing scientists discovered some improvements to boxing technology. Namely - boxing technology 2 aka advanced boxing! With this technology you can box even more stuff and even craft some circuits without unboxing ingredients! Somewhere on the way recipe of steel box was optimized and box costs 3 steel plats less and have crafting time of 0.5 sec.

Steel box recipe:

  • 1x steel
  • 1x plastic bar

Items that can be boxed and unboxed:

  • 50 coal, stone, gears, iron, or copper ore
  • 100 iron or copper plates
  • 200 copper cables or electric circuits
    Require boxing-2:
  • 100 plastic bars
  • 100 steel plates
  • 100 advanced electronic circuits

Stack size of boxed goods is 10. Boxes are retained on unboxing.
Jumping was proven to be inefficient and inconsistent, therefore boxing and unboxing can only be done in AM2 and AM3.

Advanced boxing

After researching boxing-2 following two recipes are available:
2 boxes of iron plates+3 boxes of copper cables=1 box of electronic circuits+4 empty boxes
1 box of electronic circuits+2 boxes of plastic bars+2 boxes of copper cables=1 box of advanced circuits+4 empty boxes