Biter Eggs

Biters come from eggs obviously, don't destroy the egg nests

4 months ago
0.17 - 1.1
2 years ago
Latest Version:
20.1.6 (4 months ago)
Factorio version:
0.17 - 1.1
1867 times

Adds biter egg nests to the map in addition to normal biter bases. When destroyed they will release a number of either evolution appropriate biters/spitters or worms.

Mod Features

  • The biter egg nests can have their frequency set with a simple mod setting, ranging from rare to everywhere.
  • When a biter egg nest is destroyed either biters/spitters or worms will be released based on mod chance settings. If an egg nest contains biters/spitters it is either all biters or spitters.
  • The number of biters/spitters or worms is based on a configurable min/max range for the small and large biter egg nest sizes. They must be able to fit in to the area around the nest.
  • All enemy types will be evolution appropriate and match the games current evolution ranges.
  • Killing egg nests does not increase evolution and they only react when killed.
  • Egg nests are on the enemy team and so will be targeted by turrets and players auto target fire.

Mod Compatibility

  • If BigWinter mod is present the egg nests have a snowy feel to them.

Events and Remote Interfaces

Egg Next Post Destroyed

Called when an egg nest is destroyed, but before anything is created in its place by the mod. Returns the below attributes in the event object:

  • actionName: either the value "biters", "worms" or nil if no action type has been selected based on chance.
  • eggNestDetails:

    • surface: the LuaSurface of the destroyed nest
    • position: the Factorio Position of the destroyed nest
    • force: the LuaForce of the destroyed nest
    • entityType: the name of the destroyed nest, either "biter-egg-nest-large" or "biter-egg-nest-small"
    • killerEntity: the entity that killed the nest if known

Use the remote interface "biter_eggs", "get_egg_post_destroyed_event_id" to get the event ID to register for.


Thanks to Hornwitser for some egg nest graphics.