Barrels of Steam

by forsyth

This mod adds steam barrels at 165 °C and 500 °C, and optionally 15 °C.

1 year, 6 months ago
0.17 - 1.1
2 years ago
Latest Version:
18.0.6 (1 year, 6 months ago)
Factorio version:
0.17 - 1.1
2693 times

Barrels of Steam

This mod adds steam barrels at 165 °C and 500 °C, as well as recipes for barreling and unbarreling.
There's also optional 15 °C recipes you can enable in the mod settings.

This all stems from a weird plan a friend and I had in our game to build a nuclear reactor on a remote island that we never set foot on, using only drones to send fuel rods across the sea and carry back superheated steam in barrels. Yes, it's a little silly, but you can put any fluid in a tank but not every fluid in a barrel, and we had just kind of expected this feature to already be there, and it wasn't probably due to temperature being relevant. Anyway, our next game plan is to create a base powered only by barrels of hot steam - no solar, no big pylons, no pipes, no tanks, plus more.


Steam Barrel

Empty barrel + 50× Steam (≥ 165 °C) ⇌ Steam barrel (165 °C)

Unlocked by Fluid handling technology.

Superheated Steam Barrel

Empty barrel + 50× Steam (≥ 500 °C) ⇌ Superheated steam barrel (500 °C)

Unlocked by Nuclear power technology.