Auto Upgrade

by canidae

Automatically install/upgrade modules and upgrade entities using construction robots.

3 years ago
3 years ago
Latest Version:
1.0.2 (3 years ago)
Factorio version:
3690 times

Mod discontinued

There are too many issues with upgrading entities using bots. Upgrading belts may lead to items spilling onto other belts, upgrading assemblers/furnaces may cause inserters to pick up items they're not supposed to. Even module installation isn't working as great as I envisioned as it's hard to reserve modules for certain entities, causing the mod to attempt installing the same modules in multiple entities. This leaves quite few situations where this mod brings any value, and I don't see any sensible way to improve the situation, thus I'm discontinuing this mod.


Auto Upgrade lets you order your construction bots to install/upgrade modules in entities and upgrade entities from one type to another. Not too unlike the Upgrade Builder and Planner mod, although this is a more automated approach (no need to run around and selecting what to upgrade).


Show GUI with Shift+U (customizable).
To upgrade an entity place the entity item on your cursor and click on the large "+"-button. When this is done there are two ways you can upgrade the entity:

  • Put any modules you'd like to install into the entity on your cursor and click on the button with a grey module and a "+" sign. To remove a module click on a previously inserted module while your cursor is empty.
  • Put any target entity on your cursor and click on the arrow-button.


If you want productivity modules in assemblers for intermediate products and speed modules for other products (that won't allow productivity modules) then set up 4 productivity modules followed by 4 speed modules in the Auto Upgrade GUI.


The mod should have little impact on your gaming experience. Upgrade orders are spread out over ticks. By default AU will attempt to upgrade one entity per 32 tick (almost two entities per second). You can change this in the GUI if you want a faster or slower interval. Faster interval means more CPU usage, slower means less.


Should work, but only briefly tested.

Issues and other known weaknesses

  • Robots must entirely remove an entity in order to install modules. It is not possible to tell robots to install modules into an existing entity (restriction imposed by game).
  • Robots upgrade in a somewhat undefined order.
  • Upgrading entities will take some time as the orders to upgrade are spread out over time. Mod will attempt to avoid upgrading when the required materials are not available or there aren't enough available construction bots.
  • Only entities within the reach of a roboport will be upgraded, personal roboport currently isn't supported (and may not be due to reasons).



  • Fixed mod crash upon player death in multiplayer games.


  • Added extra check to prevent error caused by roboports which doesn't seem to have a logistic network.


  • Upgrade interval is now user customizable, defaults to attempt one upgrade every 32 tick.
  • Fixed issue with upgrading entities connected to a circuit.
  • Even more improvements and bugfixes.
  • Mod is no longer consider to be experimental.


  • Further improvements and bugfixes.
  • Mod now looks for entites to upgrade every 16th tick instead of every 60th tick (very little impact on performance).


  • Initial release. Mod is experimental at this stage.