Attach Notes

Attach notes to combinators, entities... almost everything + Adds signposts. All notes are saved when you export a blueprint as a string (but you need the mod to read them).

5 months ago
0.16 - 1.1

g Using signposts in other mods

2 years ago

Hi! I know that blueprints don't preserve the notes on a sign. I wonder if it would be possible to place a signpost (including a custom message for a specific player) from another mod.

My use case is this: Player A is assigned a personal vehicle, and this vehicle is mined by Player B. I already print a message to Player A that his vehicle has been removed. However, such messages are easily ignored. So I thought of leaving a more permanent message by adding a signpost with a predefined message to remains_when_mined of the vehicle prototype. Would that be possible at all?

It's a neat gimmick (in my opinion), but nothing really essential, so I thought I'd just ask you before getting stuck with a lot of time wasted on something that's impossible. :-)

2 years ago

It was possible in 0.16, but the devs broke the way I used to save notes in blueprints. Wouldn't it be easier to just spawn a flying text entity with custom text? See
Or use the new rendering api

2 years ago

Thanks for your advice! It took me some time to get both methods to work (I've used neither before). Flying text is too small and runs by too fast for my taste, so I've settled on using the rendering api.

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