Attach Notes

Attach notes to combinators, entities... almost everything + Adds signposts. All notes are saved when you export a blueprint as a string (but you need the mod to read them).

5 months ago
0.16 - 1.1

b quickly removing all icon in a print with right mouse button crashed multiplayer server

3 years ago
(updated 3 years ago)

we play on 0.16.36
I was opening a previously made blueprint to change the icons - went to the gui in attach notes and right clicked quickly on all icons - after clicking on the last one, the icons reappeared and the multiplayer server crashed:

2342.765 Error MainLoop.cpp:1029: Exception at tick 26890196: Error while running event attach-notes::on_gui_elem_changed (ID 67)
LuaGuiElement API call when LuaGuiElement was invalid.
stack traceback:
attach-notes/scripts/blueprint-notes/gui-templates.lua:307: in function 'getTarget'
attach-notes/scripts/blueprint-notes/gui-templates.lua:248: in function 'onChanged'
attach-notes/scripts/blueprint-notes/gui-templates.lua:29: in function '?'
attach-notes/scripts/gui-tools.lua:187: in function 'handleGuiEvent'
attach-notes/scripts/gui-tools.lua:194: in function 'func'
attach-notes/control.lua:98: in function <attach-notes/control.lua:97

hope this gives you enough information - love the mod!

edit: It crashed a second time, when I left clicked on first icon to change that to another. exactly the same bug log.

3 years ago


I can't reproduce the bug with factorio version 0.16.46
Please update your game and tell me if the bug persists.

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