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First of all: this is a resource and code library for my other mods. It self comes with extended functions for inserter: 1) make it possible that a inserter can handle the 'burnt result inventory' on all machines. 2) burner inserters can leech fuel from pickup and drop target. 3) burner inserters are capable to chain fuel through all burner type machines.

2 years ago
0.17 - 0.18

i known incompatibility (pymods)

3 years ago

Greetings, firstly let me say - amazing mod pack, I love it :)

I'm popping this under ideas/suggestions as this absolutely is not a bug.

In using pymods, they generally play together really well with Kingarthurs compatibility patch. Aside from duplicates which are no issue at all, I've found one issue that required me to change a value in your library:

When you override the boiler the temperature for steam is set to 120, I've changed in manually to 165 since I've found two receipes in py that require 165 (and I can't find another way to get exactly that temp).

As I say this is not a bug; tbh I rarely report/highlight things, I just fix/edit them myself, but I thought I would for this one, if only as info for other players - as without this change it may be rather opaque as to why two particular py receipes don't work.

For reference to other players wanting to make this edit:

In Phasma's library mod: got to C:\Users*YOURNAME*\AppData\Roaming\Factorio\mods\\apm_lib_0.17.78\lib\utils

(or wherever else you might have your mod files).

Now got to the 'boiler' file and change the value on line 66 to '165' - your claypit and raw fiber recipees will now work :) Note there are two other work arounds I can think of, but this one is quickest (maybe dirtiest) to do lol

One side-note, I can't find anything specifically that requires 120 steam temp at my stage of the game. If in the early game 120 is required, a player could leave the value at 120 and then when they get to the stage of needing py's stuff, like clay, they can change the value to 165 (as you shouldn't really be needing, or be reliant on anyway, phasma's stuff at this point).

I hope this idea helps. But even if not - love, love, love your modpack, sooo many pipes, I dream about them ><

3 years ago
(updated 3 years ago)

Oh, I can patch this in my integration-stage.

You say its not a bug, but it prevents you from crafting something, for me this is a bug :)
I have put this on my list for one of the next updates :)

3 years ago

that's wonderful, very kind of you :)

I only mentioned it as 'not a bug' since explicit compatibility is not really something anyone could expect you to do, your mod pack alone providing a steam temp of 120 is no issue at all. But I tip my hat to your adding it to your to-do-list :)

3 years ago

It was a easy fix:

I think I will release this tomorrow with some other small changes.
But I do it the other way around, not the steam output, but the steam temperature in the recipes, I needed that function anyway for other things.

3 years ago

fantastic! I think changing the recipe rather than the output is a good way to do it.

I'm also happy it wasn't anything time-consuming for you :) many thanks

3 years ago

update for this problem is online.

3 years ago

many thanks, fix is perfect :)

I also appreciate the consolidation of creosote and treated wood :)

3 years ago

Over time I will do more of this patches, but my own playthrough with py/angel/bob is very slow :D

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