Worm Attack!

by wodzu93

Burrowing worms! Fend off a digging menace that wants to devour your factory.

29 days ago
0.15 - 1.0

g buildings worms destroy not leaving ghosts

1 year, 14 days ago

when the worms pop up in your base they destroy building as expected. unfortunately when the worm is killed the building is not reblueprinted so you have to remake the build underneath the worm. if this lands on a section of belt spaghetti it can be extremely difficult to fix it. plz fix so i can use this again

1 year, 10 days ago

Can confirm this issue is also present on my game. I've had to remove the mod due to entire sections of my spagget being removed, with no automatic repair to save my sanity.

1 year, 9 days ago

Sorry guys, I'll fix this asap as soon as I get my PC back from repairs. Its gonna take a week or so.

11 months ago

So I've dug around in the code, and unfortunately placing an entity over the ghost will delete that ghost. It is a hardcoded property of the gameand I can't get around that unfortunately. Your best bet to secure the base is to make a wall several layers thick to force worms to surface in that area, and periodically repair it by blueprinting.

11 months ago

Could you save the data for the destroyed buildings and then put the buildings back when the worm is killed. Even if the building looses its data this would be preferable. In its current state this mod is effectively unplayable.

11 months ago
(updated 11 months ago)

Tried to do that too. Unfortunately the "on_entity_died" event in the API does not trigger when ghost is removed by placing an entity over it, so I have no way to detect it.

Latest update introduced a weapon to kill tunneling worms from a distance though, so now you have a way to fight back and prevent them from digging into the base.

11 months ago

would it be possible to do as part of the worm coming out of the ground directly? instead of as part of the building dieing?

11 months ago

I can't do that in the worm surfacing code because I don't yet know which ghosts will be killed by it.
I can't get which ghosts got killed because necessary event doesn't register that.
I've run out of ideas. I'll ask around the forums, maybe someone will give me some hints...

11 months ago

K, good luck

10 months ago

Fixed! Ghosts will now be reprinted. System is not perfect (details like circuit network conditions might get dropped), but it works.

9 months ago
  • Fixed worms destroying ghosts! Note, items on the ground may interfere with reprinting ghosts.

If you detect any colliding items on the ground and mark them for deconstruction, the interference should be prevented. :)

I think most mods that leave items on the ground as wreckage do that automatically, but obviously there's no guarantee.

9 months ago

The problem is, mark for deconstruction command in the code deconstructs EVERYTHING in marked area. I'd rather nor reprint than deconstruct something by mistake.

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