Worm Attack!

by wodzu93
Adds Behemoth and Colossal worms in the late game. These worms can burrow and dig to your base, then attack from beneath.
5 months ago
0.15 - 0.17


- Updated to Natural Evolution Enemies 0.17.X

- Updated to Factorio 0.17.X.

- Fixed a crash with evaluating targets that have burner prototype defined.
- Removed hidden factors from evolution chance, now it is a simple % chance.

- Fixed a bug where tiles were evaluated in the wrong spot for number of attack attempts by worms.
- Added targeting preference for walls; enough walls in a chunk can provoke them to attack in that chunk.
- Added a mod setting that allows for tweaking attack vs. movement preference for digging worms.

- Fully implemented support for modded tiles. All tiles with walking speed modifier higher than 1.0 will hinder surfacing of worms, with higher value being more effective.
- Added Orbital Seismic Scanners tech. Periodically shows position of any worms digging towards your structures.
- Fixed compatibility with 9.0.0 and higher versions of Natural Evolution Enemies.
- Increased damage of Behemoth and Collosal Worm attack, fixed missing AOE.

- Removed quake effect.
- Rebalanced stats on Behemoth and Colossal Worms, mainly increased resists so they don't die instatnly to defences.
- Changed mod options to use seconds instead of game ticks for easier understanding.
- Fixed attack chance using hidden modifiers. Now worm attack chance directly uses mod relevant mod settings.
- Fixed Colossal Worm attack chance setting having no effect.
- Changed default mod settings:
- Attack chances: 5% Big Worm, 10% Behemoth Worm, 15% Colossal Worm
- Digging update every 30 seconds.
- Attack update every 5 minutes.
- Evolution update every 20 minutes.

Updated to Factorio version 0.16.X

Fixed crash on tile check
Increased fire rate and HP of Behemoth and Colossal Worms
Natural Evolution Enemies support - worms hame more HP and use NE unit cluster projectiles
Added Natural Evolution Buildings support - Worms are attracted to Thumpers

Updated to Factorio version 0.15
Increased damage from underground attacks to 115/165/220 for Big/Behemoth/Colossal Worms respectively
Increased amount of underground attacks per worm to 6/12/18 (from 5/10/15) for Big/Behemoth/Colossal Worms respectively
Big Worms evolve and attack at 0.75 evolution factor (from 0.8)
Added in-game configuration options
Added Natural Evolution Enemies support - makes worms more resilient
Added simple support for modded tiles - any tile with walking speed modifier above 1.05 will make worms less likely to attack there