Worm Attack!

by wodzu93

Burrowing worms! Fend off a digging menace that wants to devour your factory.

29 days ago
0.15 - 1.0

b Tiles

2 years ago

Tiles what modify walking speed seems has no effect. I tested same worm for the same spot with stone bricks and without. Laser turrets survive with 310hp in both scenarious, all other buildings have same similar effect, so worm doesn't make less ticks of damage. How can i protect my turrets from direct demolishing out of nowhere? I tried to make chess pattern 2 wide wall (to make other aliens walk through) but worms ignore it, they even ignore 4 layers of solid walls and burrow straight under turret line, and it's only the "big" ones, behemoth and colossus just wash all turrets without any chance. I dont want to build some ugly "worm bite" by using stone furnaces for example, can u make them unburrow immidiatly after colliding with any wall block?

2 years ago

There was a bug that picked tile different where worm actually attacked for attack ticks evaluation. Just released an update, was testing this for 2 hours and, while there are still inconsistencies, they are much more rare now.

Currently tiles affect 3 things:
1) Likelyhood of worm attacking current chunk, strong tiles encourage them more to continue moving towards most polluted areas.
2) Number of attacks from underground. By default, worms have 6,12 and 18 attacks (Big, Behemoth, Collossal Worms respectively). Bricks reduce number of attacks by fifth, concrete by quater and reinforced concrete by third.
3) Delay between attacks. Default at 1 second, bricks and concrete extend that to 2 seconds, reinforced concrete to 3 seconds.

Also added targeting preference for walls, so if you build enough of them in a chunk, they may attack inside that chunk, depending on surrounding pollution. To make sure worms attack walls, you can tweak a new mod setting "Worm pollution weight", lower value means they are more likely to attack structures in current chunk than moving to higher pollution area.

I'm finally done with studies, so starting tommorow I will start a solid playtest on a fresh map until end-game.

2 years ago

Thx for quick response and also for explaning how exactly playermade tiles work. New mod setting is really nice.

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