Warhammer 40000 Astartes Armoury

For The Emperor! Adss 5 bolter weapons and 6 bolt types.

7 months ago
0.17 - 1.1
2 years ago
Latest Version:
2.0.2 (7 months ago)
Factorio version:
0.17 - 1.1
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Version: 2.0.2
Tested in multiplayer: Yes
Category: Weapons
Language (Locale): En/De/Ru

Welcome, Defender of Humanity!

This mod contains some arsenal choises from Warhammer 40k Universe - 5 bolter-based weapons, 6 different types of bolts for them multiplied by two calibers - .75 (standart bolts) and .100 (Big bolts), 3 damage and one shooting speed upgrades. All this deadly sweets hidden under 11 new technologies, unlocking after "Military 3".

Let's dive in.

NEW in v2.0

Updated for Factorio 1.1 (Finally!)
Changed Reserch dependensies from "Military 4" to "Military 3" and "Electric Engine" (No more Yellow sciense packs)
Changed Reserch cost from 400 to 500 red/green/black/blue packs
Changed magazine size for .100 ammo from 20 to 10 for cost efficiency balance. Credit for idea to AshenSwift.
Changed initial damage of Inferno ammo from 50/100 to 100/200 (.75/.100 respectivly) to better compete with Hellfire ammo.
Slightly changed sprite for MK2 ammo for better readability in inventory.
Added german locale and settings options (bolter sound volume and ability to put .75 ammo in turrets) from TheKingJo's fork. (Check out his awesome Iron Fist Dreadnought btw)


Boltgun (.75 cal) - Range: 24, Shooting Speed: 5
Heavy Bolter (.100 cal) - Range: 36, Shooting Speed: 3, Damage Bonus: 20%
Stormbolter (.75 cal) - Range: 24, Shooting Speed: 10
Bolt Rifle (.75 cal) - Range: 30, Shooting Speed: 5, Damage Bonus: 20%
Assault Bolter (.100 cal) - Range: 18, Shooting Speed: 6


0.75 Mk1 - Damage 20 Physical (Cheap basic bolts without explosives)
0.75 Metalstorm - Damage 20x10 Physical (Frag rounds. They detonate before impact and spray shrapnel, shredding their victims.)
0.75 Mk2 - Damage 20 Physical, AOE damage 50 Explosion (Classic standart bolts)
0.75 Kraken - Damage 100 Piercing (Knocking back and slowing enemies)
0.75 Inferno - Damage 100 Fire, Burn 100/s Fire for 30 seconds (Designed to immolate targets and destroy them with superheated chemical fire)
0.75 Hellfire - Damage 50 Acid, creates Poison Cloud with damage 100/s Poison (The core and tip are replaced with a vial of mutagenic acid with thousands of needles that fire into the target and surroundings upon the shattering of the vial. Most efficient against tyranid-like organic hordes)

0.100 variations = double damage per round.

Upgrades (High tech!)

Bolt tips from refined local metals = + 50% damage to all Bolts.
Bolt tips from synthesized Diamantine = + 100% (Base damage + 150%) damage to all Bolts.
Bolt tips from pure Adamantium = + 150% (Base damage + 300%) damage to all Bolts. Need 500 Space Sciense Packs to Unlock.
Warp Burst Upgrade = DOUBLE shooting speed of all Bolter Weapons! Need 500 Space Sciense Packs to Unlock.

Now you can help your enemies die out, FOR THE GREAT JUSTICE!

FOR THE EMPERROR, HOLY TERRA and your own Immortal Soul!!!

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