Vanilla Petroleumhandling Expanded

Changelings to petroleum handling and connected producation-lines like plastic, sulfur and rocket-fuel. Vanilla-Friendly. A liquid-fuel burning entity is now included! Rough compatibility with Industrial Revolution (WIP).
3 months ago


1.1.3 - adaption to work with Industrial Revolution

1.1.2 - minor changes in balancing and graphics

1.0.9 - even more balancing at all ends
      - Hydrocracking fuel oil
      - Tar Sands
      - Petroleum Gas Fracking
      - rebalanced sulfur generation
1.0.8 - More Balancing the Energy Sector
      - still no Hydrocracking fuel-oil :(

1.0.7 - Added Various Recipes for diversity
      - Extra Science Generation redone
      - Balancing of Oil burner

1.0.6 - Added Synthetic Rubber
      - Added Synthetic Rubber and Lubricant recipe for transport-belts
      - Added an oil burner that makes KS Power mod obsolete (it is balanced in terms i         want it o be)
      - Balanced the fuel values of oils

1.0.5 - Visual changes
      - Recipes for extra concrete and asphalt
      - Technical changes

1.0.4 - Integrated the mod "Iron Smelting"

1.0.3 - Added Diesel recipe
      - Added Short Residue Treatment
      - Regulated Fuel Values