Vanilla Petroleumhandling Expanded

Changelings to petroleum handling and connected producation-lines like plastic, sulfur and rocket-fuel. Vanilla-Friendly. A liquid-fuel burning entity is now included! Rough compatibility with Industrial Revolution (WIP).

3 years ago
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4 years ago
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1.2.1 (3 years ago)
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0.17 - 0.18
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  • Basic Oil Refining now produces not one but instead five oil basic products: Long Residue, Raw Fuel Oil, Raw Naphta, Raw Kerosene and Petroleum Gas.
  • These products are needed in the following chains that try to emulate realistic processes: (many with some byproducts)
    -- Hydrotreating (with the precious Hydrogen; no simple electrolysis here to produce this...) raw oils, yields sulfur.
    -- Steam Reforming to yield Hydrogen
    -- Steam Cracking to yield Olefines and Pygas
    -- Catalytic Reforming of Naphta to yield Reformate
    -- Extracting Reformate to yield Aromatics and Gasoline
    -- Mixture of Kerosene and Fuel Oil to yield Diesel
    -- Fractional Vacuum Rectification to yield Bitumen, Oil and Short Residue
    -- Delayed Coking to yield Lubricant, Oils and Coke
    -- Coke and Fuel Oil used in special Metallurgy Sector (Blast Furnace)
    -- Rocket Fuel from Kerosene and Hydrogen
    -- Plastic from Olefines and Aromatics
    -- Chemical Science Packs from Aromatics(TESTING NEEDED!)
    -- Hydrocracking Raw Fuel Oil

  • Beside that:
    -- Synthetic Rubber
    -- Transport Belts from Rubber, Gears and Lubricant
    -- Oil burning facility
    -- If Asphalt Roads installed: new Asphalt recipe with Bitumen
    -- Tar Sands
    -- Petroleum Gas Fracking
    -- New Concrete recipe with Sand from Dross from Metallurgy recipes
    -- Carbon(PLANNED)
    -- ...