Tree Challenge

Can you beat the game without killing any trees? This mod makes trees (mostly) invulnerable, unselectable, and have reduced collision so they don't get in your way as much.

6 years ago
0.14 - 0.16

g a question also posted to you on the forums

Hello Earendel, i was wondering if i could get your attention with something related to trees since you seem to be the most versed on the subject.

I want to make my own mod, or get a spin on your tree Challenge made.

Theme: The Iron Woods

Basicly i want to learn to modify trees as you have so that i can make a mod where trees can be destroyed but where it's very time consuming even with the most advanced weapons/tools (poison capsule etc, maybe even still flame resistant) in fact next to invulnerable too anything but the bulldozer and your miner.

but weak enough that well using the mod with toxic jungle (which i plan) you can clear enough space in the early game to get such equipment going

i imagine the mod along side the mountain mod so that resource fields are covered in rocks, as well as the new willow the wisps mod, to make the mods a little more spooky.

Imagine landing on a primal world, truly primal, having to cut every single damn length of rail line out of the jungle and having to build it before the jungle grows back, while fighting off bitters and light orbs of death?

i imagine that by the end game with the best tree cutting gear such as the chainsaw that taking down a tree by hand should still take at least twice as long as vanilla.
(maybe it would be possible to add different quality saws based on the type of components used to make them?)

for now i shall battle world of ordinary strength trees, hope to hear from you soon.