by Zomiib

Transport resources and trade your way up! start with just a bit of coal and work your way up to rockets.

12 days ago
21 days ago
Latest Version:
0.0.9 (12 days ago)
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Turn map generation settings to "Recommended Settings" or at least turn off biters.

No more mining or crafting - only trading. You are provided a starting area with some basic coal output and the ability to launch a rocket. From there, it is up to you to search the world for "cities" looking to trade. Each city hosts trades belonging to one or two tiers, each tier focusing on a subset of items culminating in its science pack. The next tier items can be traded from previous tiers, so you must master the logistics of all 6 tiers to collect the parts you need to launch a rocket. How you do that is up to you.

- Access the custom trade GUI through the shortcut bar.
- Alt mode icons have both input and output on them.
- Each city will have one of 12 different malls, covering most items from the base game at varying prices.
- Expensive satelite's spawn around the map in high tier cities.
- There are a few infinite researches to buy like stack inserter capacity.
- Rare additional silos spawn in high tier cities.
- Profitable loops using 3 or more different items should have significantly higher gains than loops using only 2 items.
- The limited number of beacons in each city allow productivity modules.
- Productivity module bonuses have been halved and productivity module 3 is behind space science.
- Each city has its own valuation of items with its trades based on those. You can profit on the difference in prices between cities.

This mod is built on top of TradeRouteOverhaul by DaveMcDave who built on top of Singistics_0.2.6, with a few bits lifted from WhistleStopFactories. Huge thanks to all these mods and modders.