Rivens Realistic Train Acceleration (based on cargo)

This mod makes train acceleration a lot slower and depend on Cargo. (youtube demo included)

4 months ago
5 months ago
Latest Version:
0.1.6 (4 months ago)
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This mod will make train acceleration more realistic, by both reducing the acceleration to real-world levels, and making it dependent on the cargo of your wagons.

The effects are quite drastic, so you should expect 'some' reorganisation of your trains, stations and intersections. When a train is forced to break, it will take quite a while to get going again. This is realistic, but it obviously reduces the throughput of your existing rail-network.

Acceleration based on engine power and weight to pull

The pulling-force is calculated by counting the locomotives.
The weight of the train is determined by the weight of the locomotives, the wagons and the weight of its cargo.
The cargo weight is based on the fill-ratio of each of the 40 stacks in a regular wagon, or contents/25000L in a fluid-wagon.

In short: a wagon filled with iron-ore weighs as much as a wagon with green-circuits, as in both cases all 40 stacks at 100% full. Naturally, an empty wagon still has its own weight.

The screenshot shows a scenario where 7 trains start simultaniously, from the point indicated by the vertical line of green signal wire. You can clearly see having full wagons affect the acceleration, just like having multiple locomotives.

Demonstration video

Beware: this changes everything (you might want high-capacity carriages)

The mod is not for the faint of heart and meant for 'rail world' maps, where trains have sufficient space to reach full speed.
Because the throughput is affected significantly, I created a separate mod that increases the carriage-capacity by factor 4.
Rivens Big Train Carriage mod. See: https://mods.factorio.com/mod/TrainBigCarriage


  • The direction of the individual locomotives is not yet taken into account.
  • Fuel type does not yet affect max-acceleration.


  • Version 0.1.6: Added safe-guard to prevent flipping the train-direction while train is on route
  • Version 0.1.5: Introduced mod-parameters, to adjust weight and forces


If you have ideas on how to improve this mod, please let me know. All feedback is welcome for that matter!
My other train-mods can be found here, they play well together: https://mods.factorio.com/user/riven8192