Train Depot

Automatically clones trains at new advanced train stations called train depots. The train to clone is set by a circuit network signal sent to the station. It can clone schedule and filter settings as well as the carriages. Also adds a combinator that sends a signal counting the number of trains scheduled for a station it is placed next to. Check the mod portal for details on signals and usage.
4 months ago
Owner: Pendarin
Source: taerin-markman/TrainDepot
Homepage: N/A
License: MIT
Created: 6 months ago
Latest Version: 0.1.3 (4 months ago)
Factorio version: 0.16
Downloaded: 450 times

Train Depot

Adds a new kind of train stop that can automatically build copies of trains using the circuit network. Research it, then build it, supply it with locomotives and wagons, hook it up to your circuit network, and send it a T signal set to the ID of the train you want it to clone and it will go to work!

It will copy the train schedule and cargo wagon filters as well, and automatically send it on its way when finished.

Signals received by the Train Depot

Signal Description
A If not present or >= 0 and the train's schedule is cloned (see below), the depot will set the train mode to automatic once it is built. Send a -1 (or other negative value) to disable setting the train mode to automatic.
F If not present or >= 0, the depot will clone the source train's cargo wagon filter settings. Send a -1 (or other negative value) to disable copying cargo wagon filter settings.
S If not present or >= 0, the depot will clone the source train's schedule. Send a -1 (or other negative value) to disable copying the train schedule. Note that doing so implies not setting the train mode to automatic.
T If > 0, will attempt to clone the locomotives and carriages of the train whose ID is equal to the value of the signal. If this signal is not present, 0, or does not match any known train ID, the depot will stop building trains after completing any in-progress builds. Removing this signal while a train is building will not halt the build of the train, but you can do that by using the enable/disable signal or by mining one of the carriages.

Train Depot Storage

When you place a train depot, a storage container is placed on top of it. This storage container can be connected to the circuit network separately from the train depot in order for you to manage its inventory. You must fill this container with train parts (e.g. locomotives, wagons, etc.) from which the depot will build the train. If this container does not have the part that the depot wants to build next, the depot will wait until a part is available.

Train Counter

The train counter is a combinator that sends a signal C set to the number of trains scheduled for the station name the combinator is adjacent to. This implies that it must be placed next to a train stop in order to function correctly. If it can't find a train stop next to it, it will send a -1 on the C signal.


Known incompatibilities:

  • Train Supply Manager (will be fixed in 1.1.3)
  • Surfaces remake (will be fixed in 1.1.3)


0.1.3(0.16) and 0.1.4(0.17) is the current BETA release. Feedback and bug reporting is encouraged.

Changes in 0.1.4

  • Minimal support for 0.17.

Changes in 0.1.3

  • A fix for a crash in on_player_setup_blueprint event during a multi-player game.
  • A fix for a crash when used with Surfaces_remake or CopyAndPasteModules mods.

Changes in 0.1.2

  • Fixes problem of train counter not being available to build if you updated from 0.1.0 -> 0.1.1 after already researching automated train building.
  • Fixes train counter not detecting a nearby train depot.

Changes in 0.1.1

  • Adds a Train Counter combinator. When placed next to a train stop, it will send a signal C equal to the number of trains scheduled for that stop.
  • Fixes the enable/disable signal not disabling the depot's building of trains.
  • Removes the queuing of a train build. This means that if the T signal is turned off while the depot is building a train, it will not then build another queued up train until the T signal is re-enabled.
  • Now checks the full length of the train it is going to clone (plus 3 tiles for an added buffer) to determine if the rail is clear to build instead of just the next carriage being built before trying to start building a train. This doesn't completely solve, but does help the situation of the depot accidentally connecting to nearby trains that have left the station.
  • Added additional signals the depot checks to control behavior of cloning (see above).
  • If a carriage is mined while the depot is building a train, it will now stop building and will wait for whatever partial train remains to be cleared away before attempting to build again.