This is updated for 1.1 From DaveMcDave: My take on balancing Singistics. Total conversion replacing crafting and research with randomized trade routes. Not intended to be compatible with any other mods.

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This is TradeRouteOverhaul updated for 1.1. I don't actively maintain this mod, but if you send me a new version I'll upload it.


From DaveMcDave:
Turn map generation settings to "Recommended Settings" or at least turn off biters.

No more mining or crafting - only trading. You start with a flow of coal and must trade your way up through 6 tiers of items to launching satellites. There are many cities throughout the world looking to trade. Each city hosts trades belonging to one or two tiers, with each tier focusing on a subset of items culminating in its science pack. The next tier items can be traded from previous tiers, so you must master the logistics of all 6 tiers to collect the parts you need to launch a rocket.

A few qol updates to Singistics: Alt mode icons have both input and output on them, so they can be seen from map view, and without opening the machine. The market building has been replaced with automatable malls. Each city will have one of 12 different malls, covering most items from the base game at varying prices. An expensive satelite as a resource sink with a few infinite researches to buy like stack inserter capacity, and rare additional silos in high tier cities.

Completely replaced the trades from Singistics. Each city now has its own valuation of items with its trades based on those (under the hood theres about 20 versions of each trade for varying prices). You can profit on the difference in prices between cities.

Some balancing changes: profitable loops using 3 or more different items should have significantly higher gains than loops using only 2 items. Productivity module bonuses have been halved and productivity module 3 is behind space science. But the limited number of beacons in each city allows productivity modules in them too.

Everything ive built is on top of Singistics_0.2.6, with a few bits lifted from WhistleStopFactories, so huge thanks to both of those.

All previous versions can be found here: