by Apriori

Devices for the teleportation. Techs for mid- and late-game. You can teleport either to the special beacons or as far as you see (also usable in zoom-ro-world mapview). You can also use Telelogistics part after both enabling it through the in-game mod settings menu and researching the technology. Just place a Teleprovider, press R on it and select a destination Beacon. Need feedback about telelogistics energy cost.

3 years ago
0.14 - 0.16
5 years ago
Latest Version:
0.16.1 (3 years ago)
Factorio version:
0.14 - 0.16
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Advanced fork of Personal Teleporter.

Adds different devices and technologies (for mid-game and for late-game) for teleportation.

• technology "Teleportation": unlock teleportation beacons
• stand on the beacon, choose another beacon - you're teleported

• technology "Advanced Teleportation": unlocks personal equipment for teleportation
• now you can teleport to beacons from any place
• also you can perform straight jumps to any place in sight (you can see - you can jump) using Jump Targeter
• research the brand new technology Telelogistics, that allows you to build Teleproviders - these cheaty guys send their contents to the beacons. NOTE: You cannot operate with beacons by hand - use inserters/loaders to put out the items. Telelogistics part is turned off by default - see the in-game mod settings menu.

PLEASE HELP! Need feedback about Telelogistics energy cost. Now it's free, but I'm sure it shouldn't.

Fully configurable, fully localizable.

If you like it, you can thank me.

Changelog (for more details see txt-file in mod's folder):
• fixed performance (minor optimizations);
• changed GUI styling (need feedback);
• added TELELOGISTICS - an option (available through the in-game mods settings menu) to send items from Teleproviders to the Beacons.

• fixed crash when trying to rearrange beacons in list

• fixed some crashes;
• changed Personal Teleporter equipment energy calculation - now all equipment units are being summed, so you can perform a further jumps.

• fixed Beacon's collision box to make Beacons placable next to the water; thanks to Neemys for his remark!
• changed telelogistics algorithm to increase performance, now it's 1 Teleprovider processed per tick (60/sec);
• changed Personal Teleportation equipment stacksize from 1 to 5.

• fixed Jump Targeter disappearance when player's inventory is full;
• added Russian localization for mod name and description.

• fixed one crash, one bug and one issue (thanks a lot to dh7892 for his pull request!).

• fixed several bugs and crashes;
• updated to v16.

• annoying spamming is turned off (sorry, my bad)
• add Telelogistics balance: Beacons spent energy to collect items from Teleproviders. Energy is being spent per each item teleported and depends on distance [and item complexity]
• add global setting: switch if the Beacons should reserve some energy to be ready to accept player's teleportation (or it should be per-Beacon setting)
• add Telelogistics feature: player can be supplied with requested items via Teleproviders, if he's equipped with Personal Teleporter equipment and it's charged enough and he's got enough free inventory space
• add ability to copy-paste Teleprovider settings (a linked destination Beacon is being meant)