Tanks Tweaks for Krastorio2 and Space Exploration

Various tweaks combing mods by Xon, MrFactorio, Quezler and The-Noble. Plus a few more tweaks I made myself.

6 days ago
4 months ago
Latest Version:
0.1.19 (6 days ago)
Factorio version:
3470 times

This was originally forked from Xon’s K2+SE mod after the Steel fluid tanks were made allowable in space. The space and pipe changes were removed due to clashing with what SE was trying to do for belts and pipes. Plus the recipes were not changed to account for the change. This mod was made in order to tweak some stuff I felt was needed or could use when combing Krastorio 2 and Space Exploration with some extra stuff added in. It now can also work with just Krastorio 2 but a lot of tweak are not enabled in that case.
The current list of changes includes
• Add matter recipes for Naquium and Vitamelage (Xon)
• Adds K2 415 and 975 recipes for SE’s electric boiler (Xon)
• New K2 Tank Graphics to be more in line with other vehicles (MrFactorio)
• Allows rails to be built on creep and hides the creep virus capsule (Quezler)
• Allow SE’s adaptive armor to be placed into any equipment grid (Lancefighter)
• Adds more module slots to the Advance furnace, Advance assembling machine, Advance Chemical plant, Singularity lab, and more advance miners (the Mk2, Mk3 and Big mining drill) (Based on an idea from The-Noble but has been expanded upon). Plus the Advance furnace has its speed nerf removed and the Singularity lab has now the same speed as the Space lab. These apply if SE is enabled.
• Moved K2 tech that where way too far down if SE is enabled. These include Logistics 5, Stacking 5, Electric energy distribution 3, Imersite weapons, Krastorio 2 Energy storage, Improved pollution filter and Advance Pickaxe.
• Now for mods that expand or have K2 support now have their tech fixed include fusion locomotive from K2 more locomotives, the Mk2 spidertron and Immolator from Spidertron extended and optionally move Rich rocks processing from Rich Rock Requium earlier to require only Chemical tech cards.
• Plus some minor ingredient tweaks that adds materials from mods by brevven for K2 and other mods mostly turrets.
• Tweaks to Nuclear Fuel Mod that K2 missed including adding radioactivity to plutonium and breeder fuel cells and hiding nuclear rocket fuel that Nuclear Fuel mod is undoing.
• Changes stack size for some items using K2's stack size option.

To do:
Add some more startup options
Some stuff will be added or removed depending on changes done to Krastorio 2 and Space Exploration.

Also this other mod is for the stuff that is not dependent on Krastorio 2