Supply Drop

by Gangsir

You aren't alone on Nauvis. Someone, something out there wants you to succeed and get off the planet. You've been noticing strange crates that don't look like they're from this planet landing nearby occasionally. They seem to contain supplies for you. You don't know who's sending them, but whoever they are, they're certainly helpful.

2 years ago
0.14 - 0.17
4 years ago
Latest Version:
0.3.1 (2 years ago)
Factorio version:
0.14 - 0.17
4723 times

This mod adds in supply drop crates, similar to the mechanic in games like Rimworld, where occasionally a chest or two will appear containing some various resources that aid the player slightly. These resources do not substitute for setting up automation, and it'll never give you anything you don't already have access to, but can make the player's life easier and serve as a little bonus.

Upon a crate dropping, it will hit the ground with great force, and be slightly burning from atmospheric entry, so it will be very noticeable. Despite being on fire, the fire is small enough to be harmless.

See the FAQ tab for more detailed information about the mod.

Please note that the mod is balanced primarily towards vanilla factorio, and may not play well balance-wise with major game-changing modpacks.

If you'd like to submit an issue, please do so at the mod page discussion tab. Tag it appropriately, based on if it's a suggestion or bug. If you'd like to check out the source code, you can take a look here. I also welcome suggestions on improving the code.