by SirRaum

Adds a few tiers of underground belt/pipe that can go much farther than standard underground belts/pipes, and charges the player a number of belts/pipes based on the distance between the entrance and exit belt/pipe. When used with Bob's Logistics, it will apply these same effects to it's underground belts.

4 years ago
0.14 - 0.18
7 years ago
Latest Version:
0.7.14 (4 years ago)
Factorio version:
0.14 - 0.18
Downloaded by:
22 users

Subterrain is a mod that adds a new spin on underground belts, subterranean belts. These belts are unique in that their specialized engineering allows them to travel a whopping 250 tiles underground. However, unlike standard issue underground belts that simply factor the length into the recipe, these belts cost the player belts based on distance, while the underground belt itself is cheap. This means no loss in efficiency by building short subterranean belts. The mod also adds pipes of a similar nature.

For more specialized documentation on the mod, see the wiki page of the bitbucket repository, here, and the readme of the repository.

I should note that this is my first mod. While this mod is unlikely to corrupt your save, it is always pertinent to keep backups in the event of issues, when installing any mod.

If you'd like to submit an issue, please do so at the bitbucket repo linked in this mod's homepage.

Inter-mod interactivity:

Bob's logistics

  • Applies similar length and costs to the underground belts added by the mod. Basically makes green and purple UBs work like subterrain ones.



  • Updated to version 0.18
  • Added support for FactorioExtended-Plus belts


  • Full compatibility with bob's logistics
  • Bob's subterranean belts can be made
  • Corrected version information to contain total build number
  • Mod transferred to tincopper2

0.4.1 (Full diff)

  • Fixed contact field in info being too long
  • Fixed crash when setting refund multiplier to 0
  • Corrected localization file


  • Added support for Bob's logistics, the mod will now apply it's effects to green underground belts, and purple underground belts if Bob's logistics is installed.
  • Rewrote the scripting to be more dynamic, would allow for easily adding more mod support in the future.


  • Fix issue with crash created by how LuaEntity::neighbours was accessed.


  • Fix minor issue with settings


  • Updated the mod for 0.15. Settings to configure the mod now use the settings interface.


  • Massive removal of redundant and unoptimized code, courtesy of forum user namek. Additionally, recipes for subterranean belts have been modified to use the previous tier, and the refunding of belts is no longer done on entity destruction, only on mine. The refund is given directly to the player, it never spawns a chest.
  • Fixes:
  • Fixed being able to rotate sub. pipes to gain a free place.
  • Optimized code
  • Made the code more stable in general


  • Add unique tech icons (not an artist) and fixed a belt/pipe refund bug.


  • Added the ability to be refunded belts and pipes when the pair is destroyed by damage.


  • Fix belt duplication bug