Stone Water Well

by steinio

Fresh water anywhere.

1 year, 5 months ago
0.14 - 1.1
Creative Commons 3.0
5 years ago
Latest Version:
1.20.1 (1 year, 5 months ago)
Factorio version:
0.14 - 1.1
98216 times

Version 1.0.7 and higher can only used with new game currently, due heavy code changes behind the scenes

This great mod is presented to you by bSun0000.
It was only released in the Factorio forum, so i uploaded it here.
All copyrights stay by bSun0000.

Just a water-well.
Alternative for offshore pump.
May be useful, if you have any problems with water (like you start without Starting area).

I made this mod to solve this problem - no water at the start.
Good starting zone (without starting area), but no water..

Works same as the offshore pump, but can be placed anywhere (on the ground, ofc).
Change: Has same working speed - 1200 l\s (60 per tick).
Removed: Has an internal buffer for a water (as a storage tank) - 5k.
Does not require power (if you don't like it - just don't install it).
No research required - available from start.

This water-well takes 5x5 tiles of space and removes pretty slow (mining time: 5).

--- History:
(14.02.2018) 1.0.8: Fixed mined StoneWaterwell returns Offshore pump.
(23.01.2018) 1.0.7: The well is now an offshore pump in disguise. Big thanks to Roy from the forum. German local added.

(14.12.2017) 1.0.6: fixed rotation again.
(14.12.2017) 1.0.5: Updated to Factorio 0.16, added circuit network connection.
(12.05.2017) 1.0.4: Fixed rotation. Changed refill from 10/tick = 600/s to 301/per 15 ticks = 1204/s.
(27.04.2017) 1.0.3: Updated to Factorio 0.15 thanks to ElecNinja. Well fills now 10 times faster. Hope this compensates the fluids-multiplied-by-10 change.
(06.10.2016) 1.0.2: Updated to Factorio 0.14.
(28.06.2016) 1.0.1: Updated to Factorio 0.13. Crafting speed is lowered to 10s, mining time - 5 times faster. No other changes.
(21.06.2016) 1.0.0: Initial release.

--- FAQ:
Q: Why it works so fast (as a normal pump)? This mod will ruins the game!
A: Well.. just don't install it. Or use another mod for water pumping:

Q: I still thinking, that this well works too fast. Nerf it!
A: It is deep water-well, connected to underground river. All is fine.

Q: For that reason you made this internal buffer?
A: This mod based on Storage Tank.. (offshore pump, as i think, hardcoded to work only on water tiles..)
Edit by steinio: 0.16 supports now offshore pumps on land tiles, so this mod is now one.

Q: Where you get this sprites?
A: I made it in Cinema4D. Thanks to Yuoki Tani for basic scene setup.

Q: Hey, you have some issue with transparency, right here..
A: Yep, i know. Maybe i will fix it later.

Q: How about wire connection points?
A: You can connect it with wires, but points (graphically) itself does not configured properly. Do you really need it?

Q: Will you add some new functionality to this mod?
A: No. One water-well, more that enough.

Q: I don't understand even a single word from you..
A: Sorry for my bad english :(