Smarter Trains

Train lines, automated refueling, 'dynamic' train schedules

8 months ago
0.14 - 1.1
5 years ago
Latest Version:
5.1.1 (8 months ago)
Factorio version:
0.14 - 1.1
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Train UI

- Train: Choumiko (L-CCC-L): The name and type of the train. In this case: 3 wagons (C) with a locomotive (L) at the front and end. The type is used to determine the refueling station for Autorefuel.
- Displays an overview of the trains schedule and rules
- Save as line: Saves the trains schedule as a line.

Trainlines UI

Overview of lines managed by SmartTrains. Accessible by opening a locmotives or trainstops GUI.
Shows the number of stations for the lines, as well as the number of trains assigned to the lines.
Un/checking the 'active' checkbox will un/assign a train to the line. Unassigning a train removes it from the line, but keeps the schedule intact (minus the goto rules)
You can delete lines by checking one or more 'marked' checkboxes and then clicking 'Delete marked'.
To rename a line mark one line, type in the new name and click 'rename'.
Clicking the rules button opens the UI for line rules.

Line Rules

- Line #: Outputs the assigned line number at a smart train stop.
- use station mapping: Maps the numbers passed via Signal # or Station # to different stations
- Go To Station
- Signal #: The train will ignore the normal order of station on the line and travel to the station specified to the signal lamp.
- Station #: The train will go to the station # specified in the text box.
- The station the train will choose to depart to is determined in this order:
- 1st, if Signal # is checked and the signal lamp has a valid station # input to it, the train will choose this station.
- 2nd, if Station # is set to a valid station #, the train will choose this station.
- Last, if neither of the previous are true, the train will proceed to the next station in the line.
- Note: If the train leaves due to the waiting time passed, it will always go to the next station.

Smart train stop

The smart train stop has two additional components compared to a normal train stop
- The signal lamp: Only used in combination with the "Signal #" rule. When a train leaves the station because its waiting conditions became true, it goes to the station specified by the signal in the lamps condition.
The condition does not have to be fulfilled, as long as the train leaves before its waiting time is over it will use the signal.
If a train should leave when the condition is true, simply set the condition in the train schedule / line to the same as the lamp condition and connect the lamp to the trainstop via red or green wire.
- The signal output: Outputs various information about the train currently at the station:

Signal output:
- : Number of cargo wagons
- : Number of locomotives
- : Number of players in the train
- : 1 if a train is at the station, 0 otherwise
- : The line number assigned to the trains line, 0 if not on a line
- : The lowest fuel in a locomotive of a train (in MJ)
- : The number of the station
- Outputs the number set in the mapping or
- outputs the position in the trains schedule if there is exactly 1 line
- : The # of the station in the schedule where the train is going (set for 1 tick when the train leaves)
- Additionally it outputs the trains cargo

Station Mapping

- Accessible when opening a station GUI.
- Allows stations to be assigned a number. If a line has "Use station mapping" selected, it will try and go to the station with the corresponding number when used with the Signal # or Station # rule. (As opposed to going to the station at the number in the schedule)
- Todo: make that description less confusing..


  • Checking Refuel in the trainline or train UI will add a refueling station to the end of the trains schedule, once that train needs refueling and remove it once it is done.
  • The refueling stations name is "Refuel L-CCC-L" for a train with type L-CCC-L. If no such station exists, it will use "Refuel" as the station name.
  • Trains like L-CCC, L-CCCCCCCCCCC will look for a station named "Refuel L"

Global Settings UI

- Refueling: Sets the lower and upper limits for available fuel. If any locomotive of a train is below the lower limit, it will add the refueling station, if all are above the upper limit again it will get removed.
- Update intervals: Number of ticks between updating the constant combinators at smart train stops.


3.0.2 and above: see ingame changelog


  • When adding/removing a single station to a line, SmartTrains will now try to adjust the Station # (if used in the rules of the line and use mapping isn't selected)
    It will currently only work if you add/remove 1 station before clicking Save as line. So if you want to add/remove multiple stations it should be done one by one.
    Only applies when changing a line, for new lines it doesn't matter
  • trains update their line when turned into manual mode
  • added commands: /st_stop_trains, /st_start_trains : stops all trains, starts all trains previousely stopped by the command
  • added czech translation
  • fixed go to signal/station rules being wrong after adding/removing a station from the line
  • fixed error when removing the last locomotive from a moving train


  • fixed pagination not working properly when stations only existed in trainlines without having an actual station


  • fixed error when opening the settings


  • fixed error when removing a mod that added items that could be used as fuel


  • fixed error when activating a line while driving a train without a schedule


  • removed the cargo output from the constant combinator. Use the vanilla trainstop to read the train contents instead
  • the passenger signal gets updated immediately
  • combinators should no longer update if the train isn't at the station anymore


  • fixed Autorefuel constantly adding and removing the refuel station if all locomotives didn't have any fuel


  • removed support for RailTanker
  • fixed fluid wagons not being counted towards the # of cargo wagons
  • In a few versions SmartTrains will stop outputting the cargo amount to the combinator. Use the Read train contents option from the train stop instead


  • version for Factorio 0.15.x


  • fixed error when setting a train to a line with Autorefuel active


  • disabled loading saves with a SmartTrains version < 0.3.97 (You can still update them by downloading SmartTrains 1.1.6 manually)
  • refuel station now gets removed if the trains locomotives are full


  • removed some log messages


  • fixed problems with numerical station names
  • and yet another updating error


  • fixed another updating error


  • fixed error when entering a train in sandbox/without a character
  • fixed updating error
  • added remote interface for Foreman
  • discontinued updates for the 0.13 version


  • added first/last page buttons for the traininfo, station mapping and rules windows


  • improved refuel station selection: Trains shouldn't pick a station that will fill a cargo wagon with fuel.
  • fixed updating from 0.13 to 0.14 version of the mod
  • fixed other errors when updating


  • version for Factorio 0.14.x


  • fixed errors related to copy/pasting train schedules