by SinRopa
Total conversion replacing crafting and research with randomized trade routes. Disable all other mods, as only base is supported. It's best to disable map features you don't want in your way. You should not play with biters at least. You were warned!
a month ago
Owner: SinRopa
Source: N/A
Homepage: N/A
License: MIT
Created: a month ago
Latest Version: 0.2.5 (a month ago)
Factorio version: 0.17
Downloaded: 446 times

Removes standard game mechanics and focuses on logistics.

The player cannot craft or research anything. You are provided a starting area with some basic coal output and the ability to launch a rocket. From there, it is up to you to search the world for "cities" looking to trade. Each city belongs to a tier, and focuses on a subset of items. The next tier cities will accept trades for the tier before them, so you must master the logistics of all 7 tiers to collect the parts you need to launch a rocket. How you do that is up to you.

With several hundred randomized trades available, you may have to chain trades to get what you need. You might find everything in one city. You may have to enlist the aid of several. Along the way, watch for good exchange rates. As these do not change you can exploit the potential for infinite gains to fund the advancement into the next tier.

Map settings:
I recommend you disable everything that normally spawns. Mobs, ore, cliffs, trees - everything. You could mine by hand, but otherwise everything will just be in the way.

Known Issues:
The vanilla loaders are used and they have some issues. Namely, you will need to place and rotate them any time you want to input something. You'll see what I mean, hopefully. (The optional dependency fixes this)

Not intended to be compatible with any other mod not listed as optional.