by Zombiee
Graphics update for Bob's mods. Buildings are colored by tier as well as adding some hi-res versions where bob hasn't yet. NO recipe changes/rebalance.
22 days ago
0.15 - 0.17


Version: 0.17.9
	- fix for robochests/tanks that seems to work

Version: 0.17.8
	- quick fix disabling robochests till I can fix it for realsies

Version: 0.17.7
	- forgot to save an important change on 17.6 and people managed to download it in the minute it was up - New version!
	- fixed some powerbar oddness when not using warfare

Version: 0.17.6
	- Change code to deal with crash related to stuff being moved from bobwarfare to bobequipment/vehicle
	- Fix icon size issue with Personal roboport when not using bobequipment

Version: 0.17.5
	- Medium Electric pole colorified
	- Powerbars and color graphics for many armor equipment
	- New GFX for reinforced walls

Version: 0.17.4
	- Decided that maybe it should load without Bob's Equipment too

Version: 0.17.3
	- Fix problem with icon size
	- New roboport icons
	- Added powerbar to roboport in armor
	- Bob Equipment partial support
	- Rest of the equipment to follow

Version: 0.17.2
	- Low res should work now too.

Version: 0.17.1
	- Initial 'I think it works' release. Large drills look the same as regular now, power poles untouched.