by Zombiee
Graphics update for Bob's mods. Revamp of the original ShinyBobs but graphic changes only
8 days ago
0.15 - 0.16
Author: Zombiee
Source: N/A
Homepage: N/A
License: MIT
Created: 8 months ago
Latest Version: 0.16.11 (8 days ago)
Factorio version: 0.15 - 0.16
Downloaded: 27636 times

The tier of Bob's entities and their icons can now be identified at a glance by their coloration. NO changes to your game other than graphics and some icons. Many of the low-res items in Bob's now have hi-res versions (Pipes, inserters and belts most notable).

Different circuit graphics are included, but can be disabled via options, ditto power bars for tier. This is a revamp of the legacy ShinyBob from 0.14 by by qjm123/Qumojo, Nexela and Inequalitix.

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ShinyAngelGFX -

Forum Thread:

0.16.11 - No entities here, just new OPTIONAL icons for most of bob's ammo. Be sure to check mod settings though it defaults to on. ShinyIcons update also sorts it. Added power bars to some orphans (arty wagon/turret, some armor equipment). Feel free to yell at me.

0.16.10 - Lab Mk2, Alien Lab and Module Lab now hi-res and with random colors. Also includes fix to not break lighted poles.

0.16.9 - Electric furnaces are colored, along with an option to disable it for now. I'm not sure how they'll be received, feedback please. Also added some missing shadows.

0.16.8 - Pumpjacks are redone and have hires as well now. Ditto for the waterjacks.

0.16.7 - HiRes Bots and Fluid Tanks, huzzah!

0.16.6 - Made the new bob's bots match, still low res.

0.16.5 - Radars for Xmas!

0.16.4 - Roboports complete. Not sure how to create new hi-res zone expanders/charger/chests yet though.

0.16.3 - Fixed recipe icons to match crafting menu items.

0.16.2 - Solar Panels added, feedback welcome.

0.16.1 - New Release. Seems stable. No new graphics. Please report any and all bugs/crashes.

0.15 Legacy change log in text file.