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9 months ago
0.15 - 1.1

b [In progress] In /editor cuting tubes doen't remove the "display"

2 years ago

How to reproduce:
1. Toggle Editor on (/editor)
2. Place a Tube with a constand combinator which outputs a signal to be displayed
3. remove the tube with a deconstruction planer OR cut in out (ctrl + c)
New the tube is gone but the "display" is still there and the consol spams "Removed a invalid nixie (you're welcome)" though nothing happens.

There don't seem to be anything in the log but if you like it or some screenshot i could provide that.

2 years ago


This is because you're using the editor to delete entities. The editor doesn't remove the entities through events, it just forces them to be deleted. There is nothing I can do about it; if you remove them through the editor you have to wait till my failsafe logic deletes them for you, or delete them manual in the editor as well.

Kind regards

2 years ago

Thank for the response, but i'm afraid your failsafe logic does not work (or i'm in misunderstanding in what it should do), it does seem to detect that something went wrong, but fails in actually remove it. It just spams the massage that it did like every second or so.

2 years ago

When i have time i'll look into it. It should remove the remnants of the invalid nixie, display the message once (for each invalid nixie) and it should all be back to 'normal' again.

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